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  1. Heel-Toe Shifting

    Mustang S550 General Discussion
    I find it very difficult to heel/toe downshift with my 2015 GT. It may be that I have become to inflexible to do it or it may be the placement of the pedals. Either way.... I am looking at a these two pedal kits. I would appreciate some feedback especially if you have experience with either...
  2. Clutch stiff, adjustment?

    4.6L Tech
    Hello forum! I have a 96 5speed GT. I bought the car a couple months ago, and have drivin' it off and on (weather permitting) Anyway, the clutch feels 'Really' heavy, pushing on it, i need a lot of force, and when holding it in my leg starts to shake from the weight. It has a new clutch...
  3. Clutch pedal issue

    V6 Tech
    Please help... We just installed a new clutch and pressure plate on my son's 2000 3.8 yesterday. It ran great until this afternoon. Now, today (only a day later) when you depress the clutch to start the car, the pedal stays on the floor for about 15 seconds before returning to normal. When the...
  4. Sticky Clutch Pedal 1997 GT

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everyone. I'm having a clutch issue that I've been trying to sort out for the past couple of weeks now. In order to fully understand the problem, I'll provide the story of what happened. Last month, I went up to Reno to pick up my mustang. It was originally my step-dad's car, but he gave...
  5. Clutch Cable problem tonight

    4.6L Tech
    So i was driving down the road with a buddy ready to make a pull and my cable came of the steeda quadrant. so i lost the pedal loose to the floor. i stoped took the quadrant out and reconected the cable. now while the car is on it wont go on gear, any gear. car off will go. while car is off i...
  6. Knocking noise when braking.

    V6 Tech
    Whenever I brake moderately hard my car makes a knocking noise that seems to come from where the brake pedal is. It doesn't do it if I brake softly. My dad says it's because the tires are worn out and the anti-lock is engaging. I have a 2002 v6 Mustang. Any one know what it could be?
  7. Remedies for a sticky gas pedal?

    4.6L Tech
    Ever since I have bought my car, the gas pedal has seemed to "stick" when first applying throttle. At first I assumes it was just from inactivity of sitting on the lot, but now I am starting to look at the 75mm TB that the previous owner had installed. The pedal doesn't stick when it's off, only...
  8. hard to go into first or second gear sometimes

    5.0L Tech
    somtimes in my mustang its hard to go into first or second gear somtimes it wont even go in at all ,but if i pump the clutch up and down 2-3 times it will go right in, this happens about every 10 stop sighs and when im doin donuts in first and slam it into second it somtines wont go in at all...
  9. clutch pedal bounces between idle and 2k RPM

    4.6L Tech
    the guy i bought it from (kinda shady) said its got a stage II F1 racing clutch/flywheel in it i dont know if this is normal for an aftermarket clutch? or whats causing it? it also squeeks if the pedal is only slightly pressed (like if im at a light resting my foot on it) but does not squeek...
  10. 1967 mustang 302 T5 transmission swap, power brakes, disc brakes

    Classic Tech
    I'm planning on upgrading from a C4 to a T5 in my '67 with a 302. I want to eventually upgrade to power brakes and disc brakes as well. I'm wondering what upgrades I should do all at once. For example, can I put in the transmission, clutch and clutch pedal and put in a power brake pedal without...
  11. 1990 LX Clutch Issue

    2.3L Tech
    Alright so my car keeps killing me with problems. I love her but geez. Anyways newest problem. My clutch was slipping a little, so I did the "self-adjustment lift the pedal up with your toe" technique. Now here's the problem. It adjusted itself to the floor at first, but with a nasty click about...
  12. 1965 mustang clutch pedal

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1965 mustang coupe with a 302 3 speed. the clutch pedal is sitting very close the the fire wall. I have adjusted the clutch rod thing inside the engine compartment but its still way too low. does anyone know how i can bring the pedal up?
  13. 1965 Mustang with clutch issues

    Classic Tech
    I have already posted here but I cannot figure out how to post on the regular forums. but here is my problem. I have a 65 mustang coupe with a 302 and I just installed a new clutch but the pedal is about 3 inches from the ground and I cannot shift barely at all. I think that the pedal is not...
  14. 1969 Mustang accelerator cable popping off the pedal rod

    Classic Tech
    Maybe it's just a design thing, but the pedal end of my 1969 convertible's accelerator cable keeps "popping off" the pedal lever bar. I guess I will add a small piece of twisted wire to the end of the rod just to hold the cable in place, since I cannot think of any reason not to. Anyone else see...
  15. 1995 3.8L Mustang Brake Pedal Squeaks when pressed hard.

    V6 Tech
    My 1995 mustang 3.8 litre V6 is making a whistling (or squeaking?) noise when the pedal is pressed passed a certain point, crawled uncomfortably under the dash and had a look and there is a rubber seal over the pedal as it reaches the fire wall, it has a small hole that looks like its meant for...
  16. 1967 mustang clutch pedal sits too high

    Classic Tech
    hi i have a 67 mustang and i just put all the stock linkage in the the car for a manual transmission. although the car is running a t5 from a 92 mustang all the linkage is origanal. my question is this why is my clutchs pedal height so far up towards you. theres like a 3 inch difference between...
  17. 1995 mustang gt wont shift

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 95 mustang 5.0 5 speed that i just got friday.:frustrated: it drives fine and all. but i went to leave for work this morning and it wouldnt shift into reverse with out it griding badly. and it also wont go into any gear. need help please on what it is. p.s. in the clutch pedal when i...