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  1. Gauge pillar & gauge installation.

    5.0L Tech
    I just got a 3 gauge pillar and 3 Summit 7 color gauges. what steps should I take when I install these? Even though I unscrewed the screws on the stock plastic piece, it is under other plastic pieces. Any tricks on getting it out so I don't break the plastic? the Mustang is a 1992 GT. Also on...
  2. Pillar help needed for 1965 mustang

    Classic Talk
    I have notice on my 1965 Mstang that the pillar on the exterior passanger side of the windshield is rusted out at the weld and under the roof. I am not sure how much of the pillar is left under the roof. When I hit it with a mallet it is like a rust waterfall. I need help from finding a...