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  1. 1993 GT Engine Cutting Out

    5.0L Tech
    1993 GT 5.0, just bolt-ons T-5 My engine has started cutting out (I don't know what the official term is). It completely stops firing for a second and then comes back. When it does, the tachometer drops immediately. Here is a video I took: 5.0 Cutting Out - YouTube When it first started it...
  2. 1995 GT Need New Plugs

    Hey Everyone!! New to fords and need new plugs for my 95 gt. Any recommendations? Same goes for wires. Car is currently a POS! Just need to start with the basics. Pulled codes... 10,172, 176, 452. Speedo isn't working so going to replace vss. That should take care of 452. Going to check for...
  3. Crank and No Start- out of ideas!

    5.0L Tech
    OK guys, so I take my car out Saturday morning for a wash, come home, park it in the driveway, move it a couple of times up and down the driveway, third time I try to start it- nothing. Just keeps cranking and gives me nothing. So I start going through the drill- -have a huge spark from both...
  4. Error Code 14, what does it mean?

    5.0L Tech
    Hello all, I had a check engine light on and got a code reader. The code that came from the KOEO test was error code 14. In the book it says "The Electronic Control Assembly (ECA) has detected an intermittent loss of Profile Ignition Pick-Up (PIP) signal during recent operation." Can anyone...