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  1. 351w forged

    5.0L Tech
    hello mates! someone can told me what pistons, rods and cranckshaft (FORGEDS) i can use for make a 351 and if someone know the price for each thing. (set of forged pistons, set of forged rods and forged cranckshaft) with nos maybe 250 or 300 on 2 step (150 & 100) or (200 & 100). the idea is...
  2. Need New Pistons for a 250 6cyl. Any suggestions?

    Classic Tech
    So I have been running my 4.1 6cyl on oversized piston rings for a while, but recently have had some issues with blowby. I am going to go for new oversized pistons. Anyway, my problem is that I have no idea what size would be good. Should I go the smallest size next to what I've got in it...
  3. Turbo 347 Build Help

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1991 Mustang Gt, with a mostly stock 302 with the on3 Performance turbocharger kit, and running on E85. 42Lb injectors, Aftermarket fuel pump(Dont Remember Size), and stock fuel lines. It runs great, is about 450hp at the motor but i want to amp it up some more. The idea was to get a...
  4. what type of pistons are stock in 2001 GT

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2001 Mustang GT Convertible and am trying to figure out what pistons the stock 4.6L engine comes with. Forged, cast, or other?
  5. When did Ford switch 5.0L pistons from forged to hypo?

    5.0L Talk
    Ok, I've read up to the 92 mustangs have the forged pistons. Does anyone know what month in 92 the started with the hypo. pistons? My car is registered as a 93 but Manufactured in 08/92 now without pulling the pan and so on does anyone know if it would still be the forged or already swithed...
  6. 1988 302 pistons and rods in 1971 block?

    Classic Tech
    So i have these 1988 pistons around will they work in my 1971 block? are the journals from the rods to the crank the same? they seem so.. and the original pistons for the block were 030 these are also 030.. i think they will work, just making sure.
  7. Are all 302 pistons universal?

    Classic Tech
    So ive been doing some research on pistons and it seems that as long as a 302 piston is the same bore as your block which mine is .30 then it will fit. years dont matter? That is what i am getting from google anyways. if my block is a 1971 302 size .30 then the pistons from a 1986 302 size .30...
  8. 2000 Mustang Convertible Top Piston Repair

    V6 Tech
    The top on my convertible will no longer go back up. I took it into the garage expecting to have to replace the pump. However, the mechanic found that the piston seals are bad and fluid leaks out of the pistons so the system doesn't maintain enough pressure to put the top back up. He tried to...
  9. 1997 mercury mountaineer pistons

    5.0L Tech
    Does anyone know what kind of pistons are in a 97 mercury mountaineer v8 5.0 HO?
  10. Cleveland 4v build questions

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone just got some questions for experienced cleveland owners. I will begin building and researching fitting components of a 351C 4V. It has been bored .020 over and needs new pistons, valve springs and possibly valves. My big questions are what piston types will fit with the huge valves...
  11. Tough decisions and lots of headaches.

    4.6L Tech
    Ooook, to start this off I own a 2003 mustang gt with only a cai and borla mufflers with 100,000 miles on the engine. I can't make a decision to either buy a new 5.0 block and build that with forged internals orrr just use the block i have now and forge that if that would even be safe...
  12. Wanting to Raise the Compression

    Classic Talk
    Alright guys i want to make myself 100% clear on this before i start buying stuff i cant use and this site hasnt let me down yet I have a 65 289 block and bottom end, with hyper. flat top speed pro pistons with 4 valve reliefs (+8cc). i have ported 302 D0OE heads with 2.02 and 1.6 valves (i...
  13. Forged 2007 Mustang GT Internals HP Level

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    How much hp could I make with forged pistons, connecting rods, and crank on the stock block with a supercharger at the flywheel? At the rear wheels? Would I have to change anything else for street driving with that much horsepower? Were talking a goal of like 700 flywheel hp? Will the...
  14. crankshaft rebuild

    Classic Tech
    Hi guys, I have a 289 v8 that I pulled out of my 66 coupe and I'm getting the block, crank, and rods machined. How involved is putting new crank bearings on?? I'm fairly certain when I take the crank/rod/piston setup apart, each rod is stamped with a number referring to the cylinder its...
  15. cams,heads,and pistons??

    4.6L Tech
    So I own a 2001 Bullitt that I have recently ordered SLP Long Tube Headers, Bassani Offroad X-Pipe, Borla Stingers, and Steeda Underdrive pulleys for. Now I am looking to get into doing the Cams and valve springs, the Heads, and the Pistons. I realize I am probably looking at spending a good...
  16. P.I. Headswap, Stroke, Bore, or Reccomendations?

    4.6L Talk
    I plan in the near future to do a full headswap. I am crossed up between patriot stage II heads or the fully assembled Trickflow heads with cam's from summit. When I do this I want to swap for the full metal Intake manifold, better pistons, possibly stroke, and bore over the cylinders. I am not...
  17. 5.0 help piston to valve clearance

    5.0L Tech
    hi i have a 92 mustang gt with a rebuilt motor with true flat top pistons no valve reliefs i have installed in the motor right now is a b303 cam and 1.6 stock roller rockers i also have gt40 heads and i dont have any problems i wanted to install 1.7 crane cams roller rockers that i have in my...
  18. 03-04 cobra pistons

    4.6L Talk
    i recently found a set of cobra pistons out of an 03. now i was wondering is there a way to tell if they are forged or not? i no some 03-04 cobras have forged pistons from the factory but do they all?