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  1. 96 Cobra Engine Builders Decal: can builder's names be gotten from Ford SVT?

    SVT Cobra Talk
    I just purchased a 96 SVT Cobra in excellent shape. As you know the 96 Engine builders plate was not a plate but a decal. The decal is fading just through age and heat. I don't think the original owner ever cleaned the engine. The first builder's signature is gone. The 2nd one is there but faded...
  2. 2010 GT500 with Carroll Shelby signature?

    Mustang GT500
    I just bought a 2010 GT500... LOOOVE IT! Anyway, I emailed the Shelby foundation about a signed plaque for the dash. They said they haven't designed one for the 2010 (the older ones were between the vents on the dash) They did say that some people have sent in their air back cover from the...
  3. Tim Brown Joining in

    Stopping by to say Hi-- I've put off joining till I had some "free time" in my life. Check my bio See-Ya @ the MCA