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  1. 2005 V6 Mustang Driver Side Door Lock Issue

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Good Afternoon All, Having a bit of trouble with my Drivers side Door Locks. The issue? It doesnt work. When I press the Lock and Unlock button on the drivers side door, the passenger side door locks and unlocks, but not the drivers side door. If I use my auto Lock remote, stil, only the...
  2. 2003 mustang gt turbo swap, need some help.

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys i need some help figuring out what should i upgrade when i get my T70 turbo in. For example should i do a pi heads and pi manifold swap, should i port them? What size and what brand of throttle body and plenum should i get? Just things you think i should up grade. So far i have a...
  3. 2004 v6 mustang throtlebody spacer?

    V6 Tech
    Hello guys and gals; I am doing some research on the pros and cons of putting a throtlebody spacer on my 3.8. Now I have the BBK forced air induction, BBK shorty headers, and BBK dual exhaust convertion, now I am looking for some feedback before i spend the money on it. Any pointers are well...
  4. can the FORD GODS please help?

    4.6L Tech
    hello all, just joined and got a? i have a 99 gt 5 speed only aftermaket parts i have is the king cobra cutch in the past 3 months this has been going on i have took it to every shop around had it hooked up to 3 different computers and the only code that pops up is im at 6000 elevation i live...
  5. 1982 Mustang gt with 7.5 rear end?

    5.0L Talk
    Hi everyone! This may sound dumb but,I have a 1982 mustang gt,it came with a 7.5 rear end.Is it possible to go to the junkyard find a 98 and up v6 mustang(with disk brakes)use my 4 lug axles?If so what would have the best(highest gears)auto,or manual.Anything better than my 2.73's.Are they the...