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  1. 96 mustang clutch goes to floor

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys. I have my car in the shop but im curious what the problem is. The car was running great and clutch was working fine , car was shifting great. I stopped at a friends house to Pick something up and when i went back to my car i pushed the clutch in and it makes a POP and clicking noise...
  2. Mustang Clutch Adjuster

    2.3L Tech
    Will this fit my '90 LX 2.3L? Mustang Clutch Adjuster Kit (96-04) at - Free Shipping! All the parts look excatly the same, it just says '96-'04 fitment but if my memory serves me correctly (not likely) all the clutch quadrant blah blah is the same crappy OEM plastic...
  3. 1999 Mustang GT, clutch/transmission problems?

    4.6L Tech
    I bought a 1999 mustang gt with 116,000 miles on it about 2 months ago. Right away I had the shocks and brakes done. Now I'm having problems with the clutch and transmission. About a month ago the car popped out of gear while in reverse. It did this every once and a while and i didn't think it...