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popping noises

  1. NEW 2014 V6 Front Suspension Noise

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey guys so I just bought a brand new 2014 v6 automatic. I've put 200 miles on it and now suddenly every time I go over a speed bump the front suspension makes a grinding noise. I don't notice it except for going over bumps. I've never owned a mustang before. Is this a common problem? I've made...
  2. Misfiring/popping issue?

    5.0L Tech
    Hey everyone, I currently have an 88' Mustang 5.0 Lx. I've had this misfiring issue but it progressed. I don't really understand if it is progressing because it is simply cold outside (17 degrees) here in NJ or if its because of an idling issue or what. I've included a video below showing the...
  3. 2010 Mustang GT Shaker 500 system whining and popping

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    First off I have the stock Shaker 500 sound system with no aftermarket modifications nor do I plan to do any. When I hit the power button on the head unit to turn it on there is a screeching/whining noise emanating from the speakers/subs. It isn't always from the same speakers/subs. The noise...
  4. Popping Noise Right After Changing Spark Plugs??

    I just changed my spark plugs on my v6 2002 mustang. So when i now start it and then take off i hear this popping noise. It only happens when i take off. Can so one help me out with this problem. S
  5. Popping Noise Right After Changing Spark Plugs??

    So i decided to change my spark plug on my v6 2002 mustang. I turn it on an when i take off it makes a popping noise but only when i take off the wiring is correct and the gaps on the spark plugs are good too. Does any one know whats going on??
  6. 1986 mustang 5.0 not running right

    5.0L Tech
    hi i have a 86 mustang 302. the engine only has 22,000 miles on it with trickflow upper lower intake, eldebrock performer heads, b303 cam, 24 # injectors with maf calibrated to them and a ram air from mac. basically every thing is brand new on the engine but it runs so rough when you first start...
  7. 1994 mustang gt 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    i have a popping noise coming from my front end it pops when the car shifts , i replaced the sruts,rack n pinon, lower ball joints,one lower control arm,rotors both,inner tierods, dont no what esle to do please help its driving me crazy...
  8. Battery grounding FYI

    5.0L Tech
    I was having several little problems with my 88 gt over the last couple months, backfiring under hard load, high idle, throttle hesitation off of idle, just a lot of little stuff. I was just assuming that I was due for a tune up and a new battery. Well the other day I got in it to go to the shop...
  9. 1988 Mustang 5.0 timing issue / popping spitting

    5.0L Tech
    Ok, I have a weird one (for me anyway). First, the car: 1988 GT convertible, 5 speed. 121k miles. I do not know the history of the car/engine, however it appears to be stock, mostly original! Now, for the problem: I do have an idle problem, and also an ignition problem. First the idle...
  10. 1986 5.0 LX Popping Noise in Front Suspension

    5.0L Tech
    I have noticed a popping noise in my 1986 5.0 LX when I turn the wheel when i am moving forward at about 2 mph or when i am rolling in reverse. It only happens once when i start the car after it has been sitting for a while. The noise sounds like it is coming from the front passengers side. I...