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power steering fail

  1. 1998 V6 Mustang-Power Steering Pump questions

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys: I've had an intermittent screeching noise for the past few months and it took me a little while to narrow it down ... But I'm pretty sure it's the power steering pump (thanks to 232-K7 for his help). Process of elimination: determined it was an accessory by removing the serpentine...
  2. power steering pump failure, then return? 95

    V6 Tech
    ok so, i was doing donuts and stuff in a dirt parking lot in my hometown, and my power steering pump got very loud, but it still worked. it was always a little bit loud, and in my opinion, too loud. then the next day, i start her up, and there is no power steering what so ever. so i drive it to...