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  1. Convertible Window Drop Issues 1996

    4.6L Tech
    Hi. Newbie here. First post. Bought a 1996 mustang GT Convertible. 167,000 miles. Runs good. When I open the doors, the windows are supposed to drop a 1/2" to clear the top right? Mine don't. Went and read all kinds of posts that said how to reinitialize the smart window motors. Tried...
  2. 1992 Mustang Driver Window Inoperative

    5.0L Tech
    Hello All: The driver's side power window is not working. All other switches do operate. I tried replacing the switches with a brand new switch box, but the driver side window still does not open. The wires leading to the switch are tight and clean. This problem has occurred a few times...
  3. intermittent electrical issue

    4.6L Tech
    1996 Mustang GT. Originally intermittent, is growing to almost constant. When ignition is is run position I lose clock, radio, cruise control and power windows. Move ignition switch to accessory and everything works fine. About 7 months ago, I replaced the ignition switch with a BWD brand and...
  4. 1997 Mustang Power Locks, Power Windows, vent problems

    V6 Tech
    I picked up a 1997 Mustang in really nice shape for the money (I'm a mostly broke college student so I took what I could get) last week. It does have some issues with the driver's side power accessories, though, and I'd appreciate some advice. First off, the power locks. Passenger side...
  5. driver side window doesnt roll up

    4.6L Tech
    I left work about 45 minutes go roll the windows down, get home the drivers side doesnt come up, but the passenger one does. i know its not a fuse issue so i guess ill check the switch for voltage/continuity any suggestions of what the problem may be?
  6. Lil bit of an electrical problem

    5.0L Tech
    Got an 88 gt 5.0l, runs great n all that good stuff except that I have a small electrical issue that kills my radio, lights, and sometimes my engine for a split second, what will happen is when either I depress the clutch, put my power windows all the way to the bottom, crank my wheels all the...
  7. 2002 Mustang Electrical trouble

    V6 Tech
    Hi there! I'm new in this, I got my stang about 4 months ago. Its a 2002 3.8 v6. The problem is that one of the windows stoped working! Now its down and it wont go up! :( I live here in Orange County and would love to get in fixed without haveing to pay more that what i should. I havent had...
  8. 1988 Mustang GT, manual window to power swap

    5.0L Tech
    ok so i have 88 gt donor car im going to swap the power windows out of that into my other 88 has anyone ever done this any pointers or pretty straight forward
  9. 2002 GT wacky window problem

    4.6L Talk
    I have an 02 GT convert that hasn't been started in awhile. So i get a new battery. Now the power windows don't work except the right rear which only goes down a third of the way. Fuses look good and i think i cleaned the switches well enough. I'm getting some light dimming on all 4 switches...
  10. 1992 2.3 Ford Mustang window technical problem

    2.3L Tech
    I am new here. Please don't bust my chops yet for doing something wrong yet. I am in need of advice and help. I have a problem with my Mustang. 1992 Mustang LX 2.3L convertible. My passenger power window switch won't work. My driver side switch works and it controls all the windows perfectly...
  11. 1991 Mustang Convertable LX 4 cylinder Wire Diagram

    Hello, I'm seeking the power window wiring diagram for the 1991 Mustang Conv LX 4 Cylinder. The drivers side switch for the driver's window does not work anymore, but it is not the power switch module that is broken. I replaced the power switch module, but it still does not work. The other...
  12. Driver Power Window Problem

    4.6L Tech
    Hi ya'll,:wavey I have an '02 mustang that doesn't want to cooperate. The driver side window stays down; the passenger side works fine and all the other electrical is ok, I have checked the fuses all seemed to be ok. I am afraid to take into a mechanic only to tell that it was something...
  13. 1989 Mustang crank to power window?

    5.0L Tech
    Does anyone know if the crank windowed 89 mustang dash harness is capable of a power windowed door harness? Thanks, John
  14. 1998 Mustang window issues. Please help!

    V6 Tech
    I am having a problem with the power window on my 1998 mustang coupe V6. I think a wire came off but I'm having a hard time finding the right one. It won't go up or down at all....makes no noise. It was working fine one day and then nothing the next day. I'm asking for any ideas anyone might...