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  1. Dyno tuning shops along 401

    Hi all. If you're like me, you're champing at the bit, waiting for the snow to melt so you can take your pony out for a spin. I have a 49,000 km manual 2005 Mustang GT convertible. The car has an S-Trim Vortech V2 supercharger. I want to get the thing dyno tuned as I suspect there is quite a bit...
  2. Do i HAVE to use 93 Octane?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    2005 Mustang GT i have a diablo predator u7140 tuner. comes with 87, 91 and 93 Cold air intake tunes. i have a C&L CAI Is it possible to get a C & L Cold Air intake tune that runs with 87 octane? i want to use 87 octane, but i\'m not sure if it is possible to get a custom tune for that...
  3. 1984 rim question

    Wheels and Tires
    1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry Photo Gallery - 1984 GT's Can someone tell me what kind of rims these are, and where to find a set?:?:
  4. custom tune 1998 gt?

    4.6L Talk
    i recently bought a used diablosport predator tuner from a friend of mine, since then i have been in the process of installing npi bullet stage 2 cams, pi intake, 75mm accufab throttle body and plenum, and slp loudmouth catback with o/r x. just curious if i need a custom tune for my car to run...
  5. DiabloSport Predator custom tunes?

    4.6L Tech
    I own a DiabloSport Predator tuner for my 02 Mustang GT. Where can I order custom tunes for my car from, and what's a estimated price that they usually run?
  6. DiabloSport Predator - Wow

    4.6L Talk
    Ok, so as previous posts of mine read, I recently purchased a DiabloSport Predator from the internet and I must say I am absolutely blown away by the results. The install took literally 10 minutes and was very easy to do. Not only that, but so many things dramatically improved that I wasn't...
  7. Unlocking a Predator Tuner

    4.6L Tech
    Does anyone know how to unlock one of these? My buddy has one but we are not sure on how to unlock it for a Mustang. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Trinity vs Predator

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Does the Diablo Trinity have more agressive tunes than the Predator tuner or are they about the same? As far as hp and torque.
  9. will diablo predator tuner fit my 04 gt

    4.6L Tech
    I found a diablo predator that has never been used on their car(05 mustang) for $75,they said it came with their car from the factory and they dont want it. Will it fit my 04gt?
  10. Next Upgrade gears or diablo tuner?

    4.6L Tech
    I have the money for my next upgrade, problem is I donk know if I should go with 4.10 gears or if I should go with the DiabloSport Predator. My current upgrades are CAI, pypes high flow catted x-pipe and 40 series flowmasters. Which would benefit me more? Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  11. Question about Diablo Predator diagnostics

    4.6L Tech
    I was reading about the Diablo predator hand held tuner for the 04 GT and it says The diagnostic feature allows the end user to scan and erase fault codes as well as monitor live data while driving. Predator can read and erase fault codes, and contains all the Ford specific P codes. Predator...
  12. Predator - live data info??

    V6 Tech
    Hi, can we see the intake manifold pressure (psi) into the live date in the dablosport predator for a mustang 2001 v6 ? thanks for help!
  13. Diablo sport predator info

    V6 Tech
    hi, i just want to install the predator into my 2001 mustang but it is supposed to have : Performance Tune" "87 Octane Tune" "91 Octane Tune but mine i dont have the choice to take 87 oct or 91 oct its only performance tune or factory hp tune ..? what is the program that have been installed...
  14. Need Someone With Predator Tuner to Tune My 2005 V6 Mustang

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello, I live in Buffalo, NY. I am posting to see if there is anyone within the Buffalo/Rochester area that has a DiabloSport Predator Tuner, and would be willing to run a 93 octane tune on my 2005 4.0L Mustang. I am willing to drive to the persons residence/business. Please let me know if...