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  1. Miscellaneous Body Filler Questions

    Classic Tech
    Hey, posted a few weeks ago. Started doing the work and need some advice. In the pic attached, on the body filler that I have sanded down with 80 grit after being laid then sanded smooth with the rest of the panel 150 grit. Does it look right? The panel feels smooth but I'm still skeptical if I...
  2. To paint or not to paint

    5.0L Tech
    I just finished installing new (home made) fender aprons and they turned out just the way I had hoped. I finished welding in some patches in the floorpans (from cracks by the seat mounts). Subframe connectors will be here Wednesday with a new set of Ultra clear smoke headlights and a few other...
  3. Primer for paint chip on door

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have a paint chip in my passenger door about the size of a quarter that I would like to touch up myself. The chip is down to the bare metal and I am not quite sure what primer /sealer to use? Some posts say to use the spray primer and feather it into the old paint, while other recommend not...
  4. Engine bay project

    Classic Tech
    Hey folks. So I just pulled the engine and tranny from my '67 Coupe and I'm working on stripping the engine compartment. Before I get going on the project I thought I'd run my plan by some folks who have some experience and see if I have any flaws in the plan. I have two plans, so I'm curious...
  5. 1999 Mustang Emergency Brake Light

    Hi, Im new to all this and I just bought a 1999 Ford Mustang a few months ago because I've always wanted one. Its a project for sure and the fun has just begun. My emergency brake light will not turn off even after I release the emergency brake. This is just one of the many issues I have with...
  6. mi primer mustang pero necesito ayuda

    Mexico and Latin America
    Hola jinetes, pues asi, voy a comprar mi primer mustang pero necesito que me ayuden a evaluar para poder ofrecer una cantidad justa, el asunto es este: el corcel se ve bien jodido, no se si tenga motor... bueno realmente no se si funciona, creo que es un 67 hard top pero no estoy bien seguro, y...
  7. Sanding and Primer Question

    Classic Talk
    I started sanding my mustang with 120 grit and got the main areas of the body down to the primer. I have a couple areas that have got down to the metal I would say four spots no bigger than a quarter. My first question is will this be hard to fix seeing as how I got to the metal with the 120? My...