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problems 5.0 idle

  1. 88 mustang vibrates badly

    5.0L Tech
    Ok car is an 88 with a carbed 302 with the .30 over and small cam mounted to a 5 speed. Thing is car will sit and shake with car in neutral unless clutch is pressed then it completely stops. Car shifts perfectly, I then come to a complete stop put car in neutral and it starts shaking so bad that...
  2. High Idle, won't go away. need Help

    5.0L Tech
    Once this winter came around ive been letting the car sit and i started it up the other day and took off and when i rolled to a stop and put it in neutral i noticed the RPM's didn't settle. I then got on it a bit and it went away for the rest of the time i was driving it. I went out to take it...