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  1. Need help with Electric water pump for 1992 Mustang LX 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    I just recently purchased a Proform Electric Water pump for my '92 LX Hatchback. I was wondering if anyone has any experience installing one of these? I was confused as to weather or not it is compatible for street use? There doesn't seem to be anything included to connect the hose coming...
  2. Proform rocker ars

    5.0L Tech
    i see these on summit Proform 66878 and are 175.00 on summit i herd there made in china and cheap but the cobra crane 1.7s are 260.00!! and im on a budget Proform 66878 - Proform Pedestal Mount Extruded Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms - Overview - does any one use these, are they...