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  1. Exhaust

    Classic Talk
    Im wanting to upgrade my factory exhaust manifold on my 1972 ford mustang 302ci v8 grande. im not to sure on the exhaust specs or if their is any size fitting requirements. please any help would be grateful. I want exhaust headers what should i look out for in the aspect of size's?
  2. Turbo question's

    4.6L Tech
    So I am looking to the future for a possible purchase. I'm thinking of putting turbo on 2002 GT. But i lack the knowledge of knowing what is good for turbo and whats not. Basically, Im looking to my peers for knowledge about turbo. Single Turbo or Dual Turbo? What after market products prevent...
  3. New guy with some questions

    4.6L Talk
    So I recently bought a 2001 mustang GT after months of searching for the perfect car. I have some problems though, nothing that would alter how the car runs, just some details about it. First: On the sides and back of the car it has similar car stickers to the Nissan GTR's logo, which doesn't...
  4. 2000 Mustang GT 2V Dyno numbers to be expected? Dyno tune?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey I was wondering what I should expect to get on a dyno with my setup and if I should get my car tuned on the dyno, or if I should buy an SCT, or any other "Email Tuners" if so, any recommendations? I'm currently running the 5-speed (short throw shifter) 4.6 2V with a BBK 78mm T/B and plenum...
  5. Questions about a '97

    So I had a few questions about my '97. I pulled into the gas station today to fill up, and I was stopped by a gentleman claiming that my car was a rarity. He went on to explain that he had been a mechanic for some time and he was confused by my gas tank/cap. I pulled into the station with the...
  6. 1967 restoration

    Classic Talk
    I have recently aquired a 1967 ford mustang coupe. The car was originally a inline 6 with a 3 speed on the floor, no A/C or power asisted steering. Numbers matching on everything. The car is in need of restoration pretty bad, all new interior and floor pans but outside body is mostly there and...
  7. Swapping my my 3.8 with a 4.6... What all will I need?

    V6 Tech
    In the future planning to swap my 3.8 with a 4.6. What all will I need beside the engine to do this. All details will be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Will the exhaust I bought fit my car?

    V6 Talk
    Bought a complete exhaust system off an 01' Bullitt. I have a 2000 V6. Will it fit? :laughlitt
  9. What exactly is a Windstar??

    V6 Talk
    This has probably been asked a million times. But what exactly is it? It it some type of cold air intake? Becuase it looks like it replaces the cold air intake. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. ;)
  10. Where do I get a windstar intake?

    V6 Talk
    I hear people always talking about them. Where do I get one of those? Send me links please. Thanks.
  11. New! and Need Help/Tips/Input Please and Thanks

    V6 Talk
    I'm new to the world of mustangs and i'm also not very mechanically inclined, however i would like some input on how i could make my ride a little faster, i'm not looking for anything crazy, just something. I purchased a 2004 Ford Mustang V6 40th Anniversary Edition 3.9 Mustang at 101,200miles...
  12. Questions about swapping the seats in my 1997 Mustang GT to 2001 seats

    4.6L Tech
    Hi I have a 1997 Mustang GT that has cloth seats right now but I can get some leather seats out of a 2001 Mustang GT now for a pretty good deal so I was just wondering what I would all need and if they would fit. I heard the front seats fit fine if I get the rails with them but I was mainly...
  13. I want to spruce up my 2005 Mustang

    Hey allfordmustang members, i am a new member looking for some answers on what it will take for me to improve upon my 2005 mustang gt. I have already installed an aftermarket hood with functional ram air intake system, as well as rear side window louvers. I am looking to invest in some new...
  14. 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Autometer Tach Install Questions

    5.0L Tech
    I just bought a Phantom 5" Autometer tach and I'm in the process of installing it. So far I've routed the green wire to the coil, and found a ground for the black wire underneath the dash. Now comes the difficult part. I need help finding a 12v ignition power source for the red wire, and I need...