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  1. 2012 Mustang Intro

    Good day, My name is Reid and I'm from Southern Michigan. I bought my 2012 Mustang V6 one year ago this week, and I've made a lot of changes since I first got it. I've had a lot of fun in the process, learned a lot, and even had my Mustang featured on American Muscle's website, which I still...
  2. 2012 V6 Trunk Racing Stripe Application Question

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey everyone, Just got my first mustang less than a week ago and Im loving it! Its white and I decided that I want red racing stripes on it. I ordered some stripes from American Muscle and I've been watching tons of videos and reading tons of threads on how to properly install them. My...
  3. Best black racing stripes on a 2005 Silver Mustang with a hood scoop

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have a silver 2005 mustang with a hood scoop and would like to see different black racing stripe designs or any suggestions on whether to do one stripe two stripes or etc
  4. 2012 V6 ingot silver racing stripes advice..:D Please?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hello all, I've got a 2012 v6 (ingot silver) that has ugly rocker panel stripes on it- they're getting taken off in two days. I don't like them because almost every ingot silver newer Mustang I've seen has them (in black like mine), and the reflective silver mustang lettering on my front...
  5. New to the forum, 2011 Mustang V6

    Hi people, I am 22 years old :smartass:, and I recently bought a V6 2011 Mustang. This is the first Mustang I own, so I am new to Mustangs. It is a sterling gray color, and decided to add black racing stripes, the painting is still in process (I will try to post pictures of it when finished) so...
  6. How much would a paint touch up with stripes cost?

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1966 mustang coupe that is red. I am looking to get the chips in the paint touched up and put 2 white racing stripes on it. Just looking for a price range and the best possible place to get it done. And besides the small chips, the clear coat is in rough shape on the roof too. i will...
  7. 2011 Mustang Racing Stripe Install

    Show & Shine
    Hey guys, Being that my new mustang didnt have the option of factory race stripes for some reason (202A, cant add it on) I figured i'd buy the vinyl and do it myself. vinyl lemans stripes from american muscle were $115, comes with 3 sheets that are all very long for whats actually needed. the...
  8. Racing Stripes, Trans AM 1968

    Classic Talk
    Alright everyone, I got myself a $30 can of paint from an auto body shop. It was one of those cans that they messed up something and so they put in on clearance. Anyway it was a really bright like teal blue. So I decided... I will mix in some of the black paint I used to paint my last 68...
  9. What Racing Stripe Color Would Look Good on a 2003 True Blue Mustang V6?

    V6 Talk
    What color stripes would you put on a true blue 2003 mustang?
  10. What Color Racing Stripe 1967

    Classic Talk
    Ive got a 67 maroon coupe and I have been pondering what color racing stripe I would put on it when I get it repainted. The last guy did a pretty shoddy paint job so when I get the money I plan on repainting it the same color but with some stripes! Im thinking either solid white, possibly a...
  11. Racing stripe installation

    Show & Shine
    hey people. i got racing stripes for my 2008 mustang and i was wondering if there was anyone that could give some advice on installing them yourself.trying to save some green. i've never done it so if anyone can help out that would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!!!:rollgrin:
  12. New 2009 Mustang-Brilliant silver with pony package

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hello everyone I got a good deal on a new 2009 mustang V6 with pony package and now I cant wait to do some modifications on it. I am totally new to the forum so please help me out here on my questions. 3 questions: 1. someone suggested me to get black rims as they go really well with silver. I...