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  1. Classic Tech
    Hello -- has anyone been able to find this for their restoration? I'm wondering if Ford elected not to use it, or if it's called something else. This is the part named by my mechanic, who is used to classic Camaros and not Mustangs. It's apparently a metal/aluminum moulding that hooks to the...
  2. Classic Tech
    Long story but heres the short version. My 69 mustang i purchased was in a accident. It got driven into a ditch and therefore the front end is pushed up and the the right on the passenger side. I was told it cannot b e straightned because of previous restoration work done to the frame rail. Can...
  3. Classic Tech
    My 69 coupe was in a accident. the passenger side of the front has been pushed up and to the right. i have been told straightening is out of the question because the frame rail has been patched with steel plate and if pulled the welds wouyld snap. I was wondering what the cost for a shop to cut...
1-3 of 3 Results