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  1. 5.0L Tech
    I am buying a 1990 Mustang LX converted to a GT. The person I am buying from have converted all wiring and everything necessary for the conversion. However I asked him if he changed the rear-end to an 8.8, and he said it still has the LX rear-end. And I basically want to know if the rear-end...
  2. 5.0L Talk
    Hi 5.0 lovers! I am wondering if anyone knows the rear end gear ratio for a stock 1988 GT? I found a deal on an 8.8 that I am thinking of putting in my Turbo Stang, but the guy selling it said that gear ratio was 2.73, when I am pretty sure it is supposed to be 3.73. 2.73 would be great for...
  3. Classic Tech
    I am swapping a '95 Explorer 8.8" rear into my 'Stang, everything is going ok, I got my leaf spring perches going good, the only problem seems to be the driveshaft. My passenger-side muffler is obstructing the pinion gear adapter for the rear-end. Has anyone else done this swap before? Or maybe...
1-3 of 3 Results