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  1. engine issuse/rebuild kit

    4.6L Tech
    i have an 02 gt with 88,000 miles, heres the problem. the car has white smoke coming out the tailpipes (start up and operating temp.) i suspect burning oil, the car has no cats and has an EGR code im wondering if this would cause white smoke? or is it engine oil? i have not done a compression...
  2. Rebuilt motor need help!

    5.0L Tech
    Hey,I'm rebuilding my mustang 1988 lx 5.0 and I need to know a couple of things. Well first I'm boring it 30over ( to a 306 ) and I wanted a pretty fast daily driver at least doing 11 or 12 in 1/4 mile drag.The parts I have listed are forged pistons,a E303 cam,stock ford racing push rod, I'm...
  3. Looking for a rebuild kit for the 200 Inline Six in my 1966 Mustang

    Classic Talk
    Hi guys, I've got a 66 mustang with the 200 ci straight 6 cylinder. It is in need of being rebuilt. I'm wondering if you all might know where I could find a good rebuild kit that's reasonably priced. I'm a college student, so money's tight. I would like to make some horsepower gains also if...