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  1. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have an 07 V6 automatic and I'm looking for recommendations on high performance drive train parts that are rated up to 7-800+ torque/hp or if stock parts will handle the job. I don't need to know how I should do an engine swap or simply buy a new car to achieve such horsepower nor do I need...
  2. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    What is the recommended wheel size for a 1968 Mustang Coupe (resto mod).
  3. 5.0L Talk
    I have a 2010 Mustang convertible - 4.0L V6. I am planning to change my tires, any suggestions. I probably dont want to change the OM tire specs - 215/60-17. After searching in tire-rack and other forums, I have found these tires Good year Triple thread Toyo vaersado Any other suggestions?
  4. 4.6L Talk
    I am really getting tired of my shift knob and I am looking into buying a new one because the B&W one i have now is way to small and my hand swallows it. Im practically grabbing the boot. But I have a few questions. Will buying a new shift knob block out some shifter/trans. noise? If I put my...
  5. Classic Tech
    I live in Palo Alto, Ca and have a 1966 coupe that I'd like to get repainted. I don't need any major bodywork but need to have some previous repair work redone. I plan to pull all the chrome, bumpers, lights etc and then drop it off and when complete put it all back the hopes to...
1-5 of 5 Results