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  1. 69 Mustang loose window repair - more problems arise

    Classic Tech
    So for a while now my driver side window has been very loose and unstable, eventually to the point where it could be pulled out completely. Hoping it just needed to be glued back onto the channel brackets I set to give it a look today. I took off the door panel and immediately saw that I had...
  2. Quarter Window Regulator Problem

    Classic Tech
    I am replacing my quarter window regulators on my 66 coupe because the old ones are shot. I got the old ones taken out and greased the new ones so they wont wear out so easy. I got the driver side regulator in got it bolted in and the arms in the track and now the arms dont want to stay in the...
  3. 86 GT fuel pressure regulator

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 86 GT and I am replacing the stock 5.0 with a Dart block bored and stroked. I am converting to Mas air and installing a high volume fuel pump. I am not sure how to install a fuel pump regulator.
  4. 1986 GT voltage continued

    5.0L Tech
    OKay so I have this issue where the car will start run but not charge the battery. sometimes I will get a few starts before the battery is dead. unless I let it runn for 40 mins then if I attempt to roll up a window. it will stall. I get an odd idle after the battery is drained. but the car...
  5. 1986 GT ttop electrical help alt? reg? wireing?

    5.0L Tech
    Okay so I charge the battery with my jeep. it runs good for awhile.. it wont stall by itself After about 15-20 mins if I try to roll up my window it will stall. but it drains the battery until its dead. will keep itself running just wont charge the battery. will run like crap. I took out the...
  6. 1967 Mustang Passenger Window Issues

    Classic Tech
    The Window on my Passenger side is broken. When trying to roll the window up, the handle just spins, not moving the window, however, you can manually pull the window up and down, and the handle spins around. the issue happened when a buddy of mine tried to roll the window up and had it at the...
  7. 1966 mustang instrument panel voltage regulator wired incorrectly

    I was replacing my 1966 mustangs instrument cluster, and I believe I mixed up the wiring for the voltage regulator on the back of the cluster, probably put the hot side on the ground side, when i turned the car on it melted a wire all the way into the harness to (I guess) a fusable link, the...
  8. 2006 Mustang GT in UK - Shaker 500 Swap Out

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    Hi All, Over the last few weeks on the UK forums I've been asking questions regarding the Mustang GT Shaker 500 unit. I have a few questions maybe some experts on here can help with. So here we go (this is currently in progress). What I've used: Soldering Iron Wiring Harness Car Dash...
  9. What should the fuel pressure be on my 93 LX with minor mods?

    5.0L Tech
    Good afternoon everyone, looking for some help... I have a 93 LX, 5.0, F303 Cam, GT40 heads, Trickflow R upper/lower intake, 155lph fuel pump, 26lbs injectors, MSD ignition, 75MM TB, AC-Smog delete, recent tune, shorty headers with flowmasters, cold air intake etc... Looking to replace my fuel...
  10. 2003 Mustang GT 4.6L Replaced Passenger window motor and switches

    4.6L Tech
    Good evening everyone. Got an electrical window problem. Driver side goes up and down fine. Passenger window will go down but not up. Using passenger side switch and driver side passenger switch. Put new motor in passenger side. Did not work. Moved driver side switch to passenger side slot...
  11. 1965 Mustang-Fluctuating volt gauge and lights

    Classic Tech
    65 mustang with volt gauge bouncing all over the place and fluctuating lights? Regulator ? bad ground? Also Passenger side brake light not working? Any suggestions? replace regulator?
  12. 1967 Mustang, do I need constant voltage unit?

    Classic Talk
    Howdy all! I am installing aftermarket gauges, auto meter, into my 1967 mustang. do i need to install a constant voltage unit like was used in the old gauges?
  13. 1987 Mustang gt idle stalling problem

    5.0L Tech
    hey guys I have a 87 gt and its been givin me hell. Its been stalling when it is put in like reverse and drive. It smells as if its running rich too, could this be a fuel pressure regulator? what do you guys think?????
  14. fuel pressure with E303 cam.

    5.0L Tech
    Hey, My cars been running a little rich latly, for example I only got 180 kilometers to a tank. I checked my fuel pressure and im getting 45psi with the vacuum line off. With the vacuum line on im getting 40 psi. I think this is a little high but want to get a little input.
  15. 1966 Mustang Electrical Voltage 12V or Varied?

    Classic Tech
    I recently replaced my alternator and installed an electric fan. I am using a relay to power the fan. I have the relay hooked up to seemingly a switched "12V" source that I found under the dash. I read in several places that there should be a yellow three way splitter under the dash that is...
  16. 5.0 runs better when vacumm line plugged...

    5.0L Tech
    Hey: I got a 5.0 that has been rebuilt. The usual rings, seals and what not. Anyhow I was just checking small simple things on my car today. Now I was checking my fuel pressure regulator and there isn’t any fuel that comes out of the vacuum line but when I plug the vacuum line with my finger...
  17. fuse wired into the voltage regulator?

    Classic Tech
    i have a 71 mach 1 with a 351w and recently changed out my voltage regulator and alternator wiring harness and noticed what looked like a fuse that was wired into the wiring harness from the alternator to the regulator. it's not the inline fuse right off the alternator but a little cylindrical...
  18. 1965 Mustang Coupe Window Regulator and Concourse Installation? Help please!

    Classic Tech
    My passnger side window refused to budge, so I popped off the door panel to take a look inside. I removed the regulator and the concourse to fix what I believe the problem to be, which was that the scissors weren't on the tracks. Now I cannot get the regulator to srping back so I can bolt it...
  19. New here, need help w/ overcharging problem

    Classic Tech
    I hope some one can help me with diagnosing an overcharging problem on a friends 72 Mach 1. The car is complete with a fresh 351, the new charging system consists of all new regulator, battery, and a 3 post alternator setup for a serpentine belt. The first issue was a non-charging one, w/ no...