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  1. Need help w/ spoiler removal

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everyone, its my first time posting here so please don't eat me alive. I am in need of assistance because i have recently picked up a 2002 Mustang GT (mineral grey metallic). The previous owner had removed the spoiler and in the holes he put these small nylon plugs that have been sanded...
  2. Insurance on my Mustang

    2015+ 2.3L Ecoboost Talk
    Hey everyone, so to be as brief as possible, I live in the Cayman Islands and as a birthday present my parents bought me a 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2.3l Turbo. I am just turning 18 and have been driving for 10 months now and I am having a very rough time finding insurance on my new car. Now I...
  3. 1970 window trim leaving off?

    Classic Tech
    doing somewhat of a restomod, I dont want much chrome so I have a question, can I leave the chrome off the front and rear windshield and fill it with sealant instead? without it looking weird and anything poking out? follow up statement, anyone who wants the trim for a fair price pm me if that...
  4. Removing Calipers for Powder Coat

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys, I've been searching around online and can't find an exact answer to this. I'm planning to remove all 4 calipers and powder coat them red, but I've never removed them and am looking fro advice before I get into it. A guide or something would be great Thanks! Zac
  5. 2006 Mustang Door Panel Help

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey all, My door panel trim (the perforated vinyl) started to peel off and instead of re-gluing like I tried once I want to make a black vinyl cover on top of the foam/panel board piece and sew it to it using a blind seam. Any advice on how to just take off the foam/panel board part? Does it...
  6. 1994 Mustang Manual Transmission Speedometer

    V6 Tech
    I have a 1994 Mustang 3.4L V6 engine. It is a manual transmission. When I bought the car, my odometer did not work. But just recently, after i let my brother borrow my car, the speedometer dose not work. Every once in a while the needle will jump but that's about it. I have tried to get under...
  7. Gas removal from a 92 GT

    5.0L Tech
    The fuel pump has failed and needs to be replaced. The fuel tank is about half full and needs to be drained and removed. The "just siphon it out" answer is not helpful. What size hose is required and how do you insert it to the bottom? A half inch light plastic hose was difficult to insert...
  8. Windshield Pony Decal Removal

    Mustang GT500
    Hey Guys and Gals. New to this site and my 2010 GT500. I wanted your input on removing the pony decal from the front window, if anyone has done it and how they went about it. Also want to be sure it isnt integral to windshield demister or anything. Appreciate the input and look forward to the...
  9. Rust repair options

    Classic Talk
    Hello all, I recently started working rust found on the roof of my mustang. I worked on 1/4 of it and got it to bare metal, used some rust Dissolver to remove any remaining rust areas, and sprayed some red iron oxide to prevent rust from coming back and was looking to continue on with this...
  10. A/C clutch removal problems

    4.6L Tech
    2002 Mustang GT I need to replace the A/C clutch and do not have the tools to drain/repressurize the refrigerant line, so I do not want to take the whole compressor out. I am having problems with just removing the first bolt to get the old clutch off. The front plate of the clutch acts like...
  11. How do I get my o2 sensors out?

    2003 GT. I'm trying to get my oxygen sensors and I'm getting frustrated. Don't want to drop my exhaust. I can barley get to my front 2 sensors. Any suggestions?
  12. Manual Tranny Removal Help

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I've got an 09 GT and I am throwing the Exedy 350 stage 1 clutch in it. This is my first clutch replacement and have researched tips and tricks and have the workshop manual to use. The tranny is completely unbolted and ready to drop. Only problem is that it will not drop out. Every bolt is out...
  13. Taking out the old single disc CD player from 2000 Mustang Converti

    Taking out the old single disc CD player from my newly purchased 2000 Mustang Convertible. The previous owner replaced the AM/FM Cassette player with a new panasonic stereo nice enough. Now I have a single disc cd player under that, but it doesn't function. What should I put in the hole? Can I...
  14. '67 Steering wheel removal, center cushion?

    Classic Tech
    How do you remove the steeriing wheel on a '67? I can not figure out how to remove the round center cushion. Do you take out the Mustang emblem in the center to expose more screws and fasteners or is there some sort of clip holding it on? I do not want to ruin the emblem, especially if you don't...
  15. 1968 mustang coupe seat recliner lever removal

    Classic Tech
    Helppppp!!! Very last thing i have to do to get her on the road is reupholster but i just cant seem to get the recliner lever off the side of the bucket seats to get the new vinyl on. I have removed the screw from the lever but there appears to be a metal plug on the inside preventing me from...
  16. 1966 Coupe Bumper Removal

    Classic Tech
    I am new to the whole break down part of the mustang and I was wondering if there was an easy way to take off the bumpers and chrome trim (window, windshield, rear window). Thanks
  17. New member, 1998 Mustang Cobra

    Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself and my car. My name is Dan and I own a 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra. I have been looking through the treads and can see that you guys can be a lot of help. Mods: BBK longtube headers, BBK X-mid Pipes, Flowmaster Catback exhaust...
  18. 2010 Mustang GT Radio Removal

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    HI, I'm new and own a 2010 Mustang GT (base, not premium) and am looking to install a Parrot communications system to enable my cell phone via the radio. I have the custom wiring harness to interface with the ratio and am looking for help on removing the console (if necessary), radio face...
  19. 1966 rocker molding removal

    Classic Talk
    How to remove and reinstall the rocker panel moldings on a 1966 Mustang coupe?
  20. 1998 mustang DOOR removal

    V6 Tech
    I recently bought to full doors for my mustang. I know how to remove the door panel but i do not know how to remove the SHELL of the door itself. I repeat not the inside panel. THE DOOR or the shell or the skin idk. i have searched so hard and ive only seen instruction for inside panel removal.