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  1. 4.6L Tech
    Trying to paint my 1997 GT. I need some tips on removing the GT rocker moulding/trim. I have already removed the push pins at the pinch weld. How do I remove the clips on the upper side of the trim at the body? Thanks for any help.
  2. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I would like to know how I might get rid of the awful looking dealer marking on the back of my Mustang.. Note areas marked in yellow.. I would appreciate the help!
  3. 2.3L Tech
    How goes it folks, I need to gather some insight from the reliable minds around here. I'm pulling the 4 cylinder out of my 1993 LX but I'm not sure where to mount the chains for lifting it out. Pulling the V8 was a no brainer, now I need to figure out the best way to get the 2.3l out What...
  4. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Will it make the rest of the car in comparison look faded?
  5. 4.6L Talk
    MY name is Heath,I previously had a 1995 mustang gt with the 5.0.I had a accident back in febuary of 2008 and totaled my car.I begin to look for another car when I got out of the wheel chair and back on my feet.I found a guy that was kinda hard up for money that had a 1997 gt with the 4.6.I went...
1-5 of 5 Results