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  1. Watch: Hoovies Garage Buys Cheapest GT350 in America

    News It's not his usual level of Hooptie, another broken four-figure high-power BMW or Mercedes, or an even more broken Rolls-Royce, but YouTuber Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage has just picked up a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, one he says is the cheapest in...
  2. 1967 Ford Mustang 5.0 swap

    Classic Tech
    Hello allfordmustangs! I acquired a 1967 mustang 6cyl. I have done some research but sorry if this has been already gone over. I want to get an 89-93 gt mustang donor car and make a sort of restomod. I understand that it's not just dropping the engine in and you're good to go but what I'm...
  3. 1990 5.0 motor exhaust? Roush??

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1990 efi motor going into my 66 mustang and I am trying to find the right exhaust. Does anyone have roush exhaust or mufflers at least on their 5.0 motor? I have a completely stock motor and want to find the right sound, so link me some videos of how yours sounds if its stock! No built...
  4. 5 Classic Wheel Options for Your Restomod Project

    Wheels are the accessories that can make or break your car. If you think putting giant wheels on a classic restomod is a bit redonkulous, you’re in luck — there are plenty of old-school choices that are easy to find and affordable to buy. American Racing Torq Thrust The five-spoke Torq...
  5. Restoration Ideas

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone! I just had a quick question on some of your opinions. I have a 1967 coupe with a straight 6 in it. I bought it in decent shape and I'm just starting the restoration process. Do you think it would be best to do a straight restoration, restored, or just go custom? I'm still new to...
  6. 1970 window trim leaving off?

    Classic Tech
    doing somewhat of a restomod, I dont want much chrome so I have a question, can I leave the chrome off the front and rear windshield and fill it with sealant instead? without it looking weird and anything poking out? follow up statement, anyone who wants the trim for a fair price pm me if that...
  7. Will newer 2000s seats swap into a '68 coupe easily?

    Classic Tech
    I picking these seats up for 30 bucks and was wondering how easily they'll swap into the car. The ones it has now are complete garbage.
  8. 1966 mustang coupe, what should I do next? Help!!!

    Classic Tech
    Alright so I just turned 18, I bought a 1966 mustang about a year ago and I have around 1200 dollars to spend on it... Right now the brake lights are not working so I have to get that fixed (if anyone can give me tips on that to do it myself i would appreciate it! and i just replaced the bulbs...
  9. 1966 Mustang Paint, Body, and Interior help?

    Classic Tech
    Lets start of with this; I am 17 and have not had my 1966 mustang straight 6, manual 3 speed, coupe long. The person i bought it from did not inform me on all these problems I'm finding, so I am kind of stressing over this and need some help and opinions. The guy that had my car before me put...
  10. 1968 Mustang Fastback Restomod Restoration High School Project

    Hey Everyone, I am new on the forum and new to mustangs. I am a senior in high school and just bought my first car, a 1968 mustang fastback :D. I will be completely restoring it and building a performance oriented restomod. This wont be anything crazy... a high school kid's budget... but it...
  11. 1968 Mustang Fastback Restomod Restoration High School Project

    Classic Talk
    Hey, I am new to this forum and just bought a 1968 mustang fastback for my first car. I am a senior in high school and will be doing a complete restoration with performance modifications to make this a great performing driver. It came with a 302 (needs rebuilding), 8" rear (switching to a...
  12. 1966 Mustang Rear Upgrade

    Classic Tech
    I am doing my first restomod on my 66 Coupe. Im swapping the C4 out for a T5 and im going to do some work to the 289 to give it some extra juice. Ive never done any work to the rear on a car but im pretty sure mine has a stock 8 in. I dont think it is posi and I dont know the stock gears. Any...
  13. Order of resoration?

    5.0L Talk
    I was just wondering what order i should do things in, i know im doing engine/electrical first to get it running and starting properly, then trans to get it shifting without grinding. Now heres what i dont know where to go first, interior or exterior? Interior i want to so new carpet and dyna...
  14. 1965 coupe headlights going on and off

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I have a 1965 restomod coupe with an issue with the headlights. There is no issue with turning them on or off but the issue is when they've been on for over approximately 10 consecutive minutes. Then they will begin going on and off repeatedly on their own. This will occur whether the...
  15. 1967 Mustang Conversion questions

    Classic Tech
    Hi,I'm helping my buddy on a 67 coupe.Originally 6cyl,automatic,4 wheel drums.Installing 89-93 motor,world class t5,4 wheel discs.Before I was involved he purchased a ssbc front brake kit(manual non-power),now were going with power brakes.Also purchased a explorer disc rear end.I researched...
  16. 1970 Mustang Coupe

    Hi I'm Chazzz My first Ford (Mercury) was a 1957 Monterrey, Next was a 1949 Ford Custom (Woody) Wagon. In high School and freshman year of college I drove a 1968 Torino GT it was a real babe magnet. I still have my 72 Ranchero 500 it came with a 351 Cleveland which I replaced with a 5.0 EFI...
  17. New 2012 5.0 in a 1965 Mustang Coupe?

    Classic Tech
    Hello all! I'm new here on allfordmustangs. I'm actually pretty new to Fords themselves. My family has actually been a Mopar family for a while (ram 1500's, neons, avengers, intrepids, etc, etc.). Recently, I acquired a pretty nice 65 mustang coupe. Ever since I was a kid, I always liked old...
  18. 1966 Mustang Fastback from Asheville, NC

    Hi guys and gals - Jay here, from Western NC. First post - glad to be onboard. I own a 1966 fastback GT that's currently being modernized with new front coil over suspension, new leafs in back, new power rack and pinion coming ... and I'm considering a brake upgrade up front. It's got the...
  19. 1967 Mustang Coupe Converting to Sequential Taillights (old school version)

    Classic Tech
    I've looked through over 300+ threads, but have been unable to find exactly what I need to know. I'm starting this new thread to see if I can get the info I need to do it right. I've met some great people here that have helped with anothe issue I was working on, and hopefully will be...
  20. 1965-1966 Restomod Ramjet Side Scoops

    Classic Talk
    Hey all, found these on Mustangs Plus. Anyone run them? Pictures? Mustang Parts from Mustangs Plus :: Fiberglass :: Miscellaneous Fiberglass :: 1965-66 Restomod Ramjet Side Scoops