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  1. 1990 5.0 dies when clutch released

    5.0L Tech
    Hi, I have a 1990 LX notch that dies on me when I let the clutch out (doesn't actually stall), but as soon as you put clutch back in it revs right back up. The idle isn't that smooth either. any ideas on what might be the problem would be great.
  2. RPM Surges when Shifting 2001 V6 Help

    V6 Tech
    Greetings; I am a new member and I believe I have advice to share that may help others, but right now I need some help. Our 2001 V^ mustang revs up on it's own while shifting. Also has a cracking noise when starting to accelerate. Do not if they are related. Any experinece with theses symptoms...