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  1. CA smog legal swaps ricers vs mustangs

    5.0L Talk
    Just here to be enlightened and blow some steeam I dont get it how u can swap almost any engine into a honda/integra/nissan even if it was never offered for tha specific model and even have engines shipped from japan that were never offered in the USA and still somehow pass smog in CA:nono:. But...
  2. A true life Ricer Story

    Kill Stories
    Hello all my fellow AFM mustang enthusiast, if you bored and have nothing else to do i'd like to share with you a true life story of one of my friends and why he is the perfect example of a ricer... well actually it is more of an example of the typical ricer, but anyway lets begin... it all...
  3. hot to paint decklid on your own

    V6 Talk
    well i went out and bought some duplicolor adhesion promoter, duplicolor black bumper coating and 2 rolls of painters tape, which at walmart and lowes is cheaper than auto stores by the way. 1:first tape up around your lower valence make sure to take your time so its perfect, next tape up all...
  4. 2003 Mustang GT vs. Ricer with fart cannon

    Kill Stories
    On my way home from McDonalds with some friends I got challenged to a street race on the highway. It was a small two door ricer with a fart cannon on it. He kept revving at me, and when I looked back at him he took of. I decided to go for it and put the petal to the metal. This was from a 55...
  5. What I have to deal with at my high school: RICE

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Okay just thought I'd give everybody a little sample of what I have to look at everyday when I pull into the parking lot. And part of the reason I went domestic after having 2 imports. This kid thinks he's got the coolest car ever, and he parks with a bunch of his friends in the same spot...
  6. GTR Mustang Rotary enigne!!

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    im sure a lota yall seen this video of this dude with the most awesomest mustang:laugh:, for those who havent prepare to be amazed!!! YouTube - Ricer Mustang Wannabe
  7. Hey guys i have a painting question?

    V6 Talk
    So my v6 mustang is sorta a faded out maroon color. Its not a bad color but its not ME. I would like to paint it glossy red with black racing stripes. Does anyone have any idea on a price range there? And would it look to much like a ricer like that.... Thanks -Jason
  8. Andys Autosport and there outstanding customer service!!!!

    2.3L Tech
    SIKEEEEEE read on... well i found out in the process of changing my spark plugs and ignition wires the part of the wiring harness that plugs into the back of my rear ignition coil was ghetto rigged on there with a freakin ziptie..... i must have knocked it loose or something because i...
  9. Ricer Poem I Wrote

    Fun Zone
    I was bored a couple months ago and i wrote this poem out of boredom. Yes I wrote it lol.... i hope you guys like it! Listen to this song you’re about to learn a thing About my Honda civic and its 6 foot wing No one steps to me when Im at a red light They know that there car wouldn’t put...
  10. Cobra easily passes two ricers goin at it

    Fun Zone
    :bigthumbsup [EDIT: the video didnt show up embedded. How do you guys put the videos directly in the thread? Anyways, heres the direct link to the video...sorry. ]
  11. Ricer In 'Gran Torino'

    V6 Talk
    Heyy guys, I havent seen any other posts on this and if there are some that I missed than sorry, but I watched the movie Gran Torino (with Clint Eastwood) the other day and I was wondering, any of you other guys that watched it have trouble trying not to laugh hysterically at the car the...
  12. 07 v6 exhaust now sounds ricer

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    i bought the m-5230 exhaust kit for my mustang v6. after installing it it was deep but now too loud. the x pipe which came with the kit had a leak so i went to a muffler shop and had them weld on straight pipes into the mufflers(no crossover). at idle it sounds sick(loud and pretty deep) but...
  13. The "Fast and Furious" movie premiere.

    Fun Zone
    Hi everyone!! So it just happens that today was the premiere of "Fast and Furious" at the local movie theaters, I had noticed that because I saw commercials about it every half an hour or so. So as I was cruisin' and relaxing on a beautiful sunday afternoon, taking my baby for a spin for the...
  14. A Race in the life of a Ricer Posting (fake)

    Kill Stories
    lol Okay Admitingly It's not a REAL kill story, just a little story I thought of reading about all the kills and flybys on this forum done by ricers hope it's alright and I don't get in to much trouble =P Story-- Yo Dudez you wouldn't believe it! Today I was cruizin in ma Prelude with the neons...