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  1. Ricestang? Anti rice thread!

    5.0L Talk
    Fortunately for my well being, i haven't seen very many riced out mustangs. But i've come across this one a few times and thought i'd share how bad it really is with you guys. It may have already been posted here but god, this thing is awful. Feel free to post your ricer pictures here for some...
  2. Honda wanting to run. Too Funny!

    4.6L Talk
    So me and some friends like to hang out at a certain spot. Recently all these honda's started showing up and hanging out there. I guess they think horsepower is contagious. lol. Well one of them called me out for a race. I have 309 rwhp. He claims that he has a 400 hp civic. Now i know that it...
  3. Silly ricers think they are tough

    5.0L Talk
    Is it me, or do these kids think they can grab a honda for a few hundred, dump 3 grand on bolt-on's and then have the balls to talk trash at a stop-light??? First of all everyone gives me an earful because i do not race on the street under no circimstances. i enjoy running my car safe and in a...
  4. Andys Autosport and there outstanding customer service!!!!

    2.3L Tech
    SIKEEEEEE read on... well i found out in the process of changing my spark plugs and ignition wires the part of the wiring harness that plugs into the back of my rear ignition coil was ghetto rigged on there with a freakin ziptie..... i must have knocked it loose or something because i...