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  1. SHELBY and FOX Battle on the RC 🏁

    Road Racing
    My 750HP Boat vs my buddy's legendary 500HP N/A Fox Body Vert. After this, we hit the STRIP for a few, which is ill-advised for Road Course Slicks, so don't do it. LOL! STANG
  2. Blown MUSTANGS on the Road Course

    Road Racing
    From the DaSilva Racing Customer Appreciation Track Day, August 31, 2017 1️⃣ - Terminator Swapped Fox Body with WHIPPLE 1️⃣ - VMP TVS Terminator 1️⃣ - VMP TVS SHELBY
  3. Looking for road/track racing help

    2015+ 5.0 Mustang Talk
    This year will be my first year racing my 2016 Mustang GT I bought back in October. Before this model, I owned a 2007 Mustang GT with numerous suspension mods, a few cosmetic mods, exhaust and power adder (supercharger). Put off buying a new s550 model for over a year while the industry shook...
  4. Modded SHELBY Hunts BadAss FOX

    Road Racing Some of the fun from the Magnus Motorsport Track Day, I find the FOX at the 5:00 mark.
  5. What are some MUST-HAVE track mods for 05-09 Mustang GT?

    Road Racing
    I've been thinking of taking my car to the local road course on the weekends. I don't want to dump a huge amount of cash into the car to make track worthy, so I am hoping to find out what simple tricks and mods are absolute must haves for a road course? (ex. steel braided brake lines, etc.) I...
  6. suspension set ups for about a grand combos

    Road Racing
    what would be the best bang for the buck to make my fox handle so i only want to put in about a 1100 in this(not including tires and brakes) this is what i already have. *rear upper and lower control arms(the cheap 100$summit brand ones) *i have sn95 brakes of a 2003gt in a box just need a few...
  7. Road course - track day

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I am really wanting to get some people together and either rent out a road course for a track day. The track that i was wanting to rent is The European Rally School--- check out the Bradford Long Course road track. It would be cheaper if we can get a some people together, not just...