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  1. Road Racing / NASCAR Racing / HPDE
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has experience with building a road racing car with an older fox body car? Right now im trying to figure out some coilover suspension for my car. I hear alot about Eibach's Pro street kit... however i dont know much about them or any other brands for that...
  2. Road Racing / NASCAR Racing / HPDE
    I am arranging a private track day at Gainesville Raceway Circuit Course on November 4, 2012. Auto Plus Raceway The track is roughly 1.2 miles in the configuration we plan to use. We'll have cars of all types there, so please forward this to any enthusiasts that may be interested. It will be a...
  3. 5.0L Talk
    YouTube - ‪Ford Mustang V8 Drifter - Yves Faber - European Hill Race Eschdorf 2011‬‏ how are the transitions in and out of grip so smooth id like to get my car to do that
  4. Road Racing / NASCAR Racing / HPDE
    I'm in the process of building a road coarse 67 flashback. I have built a box steel frame very similar to the one featured by art Morrison " g-machine frame". The front suspension is designed and built with unequal control arms. I was able to design what I wanted because there was an abundance...
  5. 24 K MACH

    July 1,2006 Road racing at Pacfic Raceways, Kent , Washington
1-5 of 5 Results