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  1. 2015-2023 3.7L (V6) Mustang Talk
    Guys, Got any better route suggestion for my v6 2017 for a weekend trip? No PCH please!!!! :):wink: OOPS! Forgot to mention the place Im from. I live in LA. Thanks, Jake
  2. V6 Talk
    I'm heading off to college in SoCal this coming August in my 04. Coming from MN, that's a really long trip (2000 mi one way) through some of the hottest parts of the nation in the heat of summer. So, what should I be doing to prep the car for going the distance? Belts, hoses, radiator flush ...
  3. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Ill be picking my 5.0 the last week of october and ill be driving it around town for about 4 weeks. Im not too sure about how many local miles ill be putting on it. When its time for me to head out ill be driving from fl to nc (10 hrs away) then chill out in nc for a day or 3 then go from nc to...
  4. Classic Tech
    Alright guys I just had to make this thread. Some of you here may think I am crazy for even thinking about this, but then there may be others that think this is a great idea. First of all, I am young and I have yet to see the world. I want to take at least a week here and there, to just drive...
  5. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I havent really taken my car far, but might go down to FL this summer. Any good roadtrip stories or long distance runs with the pony? I dont know if i would hate putting the miles on the car or enjoy the open road.
1-5 of 5 Results