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  1. 1966 Mustang Rocker Arm choices

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, I have a 66 mustang with a 289 v8 and c4 trans. I just ordered new heads and camshaft/lifters from Edelbrock. The heads come complete with valves and springs, but not rocker arms. So I know I want roller rocker arms. But as for performance, whats the difference between...
  2. loose rocker arms- why?

    5.0L Tech
    Recently did a carb conversion on my 91 5.0. I figured it would be a good time to put new lifters and pushrods in. When I finished up the motor, and fired it up- the lifters and or rockers were clattering. I thought that maybe the lifters had to prime. After about 5-10 minutes shut the car off...
  3. keep stock rockers?

    5.0L Tech
    i just put in the steeda #18 cam and comp springs off of and im wondering if i shouls go aftermarket and if so whats a good set of entry level rockers? i dont want to drop $250 on billet aluminum....
  4. 1971 Mustang 351 Cleveland and C6 Transmission Rebuild Help

    Classic Tech
    Hey, new to the forums, trying to find out what I should use in my new cleveland 4v setup. I have a rebuilt longblock, I need the following: Cam Lifters Rocker Arms Pushrods Timing Set (gears and chain) Intake (I have a stock 4v and a Edelbrock Torker, however I've heard that the torker does...
  5. do i need new valve springs

    5.0L Tech
    do i need new valve springs because i bought gt40p heads (off a explorer) and i want to use ford racing 1.7 roller rocker arms? in 3 months or so i want a tfs1 camshaft but i thought i would upgrade to Trick Flow Specialties TFS-2500100 - Trick Flow® Valve Spring Upgrade Kits - Overview -...
  6. Trick Flow Stage 1 cam with stock springs and lifters

    5.0L Tech
    so im currently looking for some gt40ps or gt40 just and within 2-4 months ill be looking to install a Tfs 1 cam Trick Flow Specialties TFS-51402000 - Trick Flow® Track Max® Hydraulic Roller Camshafts for Ford 5.0L-Overview – but can i use the valve springs and rocker arms on...
  7. Im Buying GT40 or gt40p Heads in California

    5.0L Talk
    (sorry if im not allowed to post this here) so i need to buy some gt40 or gt40 p heads They must have the smog pump holes on the back no broker bolts no cracks no rust and they dont need to have the rocker arms because im looking for 1.7 or 1.72 if they have those even better i live in...
  8. Roller tip or full roller rocker arms

    Classic Tech
    I have a '66 289 that i am going to change heads on when i can manage to save enough money, hopefully soon. I have pretty much decided on the AFR165 part #1399(Here). I am going to get new pushrods that can be used with the guide plates and i also want to get new rocker arms. I figure that if...
  9. 1967 289 mustang W/302 heads rocker arms making a chattering noise

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1967 mustang 289. I recently got some 1994 302 heads. I had the heads shaved and redone at machine shop. my motor sounded fine, wasn't noisy at all before I put the 302 heads on my 289. Now with the 302 heads my rocker arms are making a chattering noise. Most people that hear it run ask...