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  1. Windsor and Romeo internals swap

    4.6L Tech
    I've got a '99 GT with a Windsor in it and I'm pretty sure that I have a bad rod bearing, before I get too far into pulling the Windsor out I was wondering if the crank from a Romeo would work with the Windsor internals. I just read that the Windsor has thicker connecting rods than the Romeo...
  2. push rods that were too long accidentally installed

    Classic Tech
    Hey, I'm putting new rocker arms in with a guide plate conversion and I got new push rods to complete the set. When I got the new push rods I measured them against the stock 2.272" that I found online, and it matched up perfectly. However When I compared them to the push rods that were...
  3. Tough decisions and lots of headaches.

    4.6L Tech
    Ooook, to start this off I own a 2003 mustang gt with only a cai and borla mufflers with 100,000 miles on the engine. I can't make a decision to either buy a new 5.0 block and build that with forged internals orrr just use the block i have now and forge that if that would even be safe...
  4. stroker motor questions.

    V6 Tech
    so my dad and uncle own this dirt track car. i think he said it was a 427 block with a 350 crank and rods but pistons to match the block. so basically i've seen some 3.8's turned into 4.3's. what turns that 3.8 to the 4.3? does it keep the same block and pistons just diff rods and crank or vice...
  5. 289 HiPo and Boss 302?

    Classic Tech
    I just recently bought a 1968 302 i took it down to the block did research because there wher 2 types of pistons one dished the other was flat topped. it turns out the crank is a 1M which is a 289. the next isue is the rods there difrent 4 are stock 302s and the other 4 are HiPo 289s or Boss...