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  1. "Mystery Mufflers" vs. Roush Axle Backs - Sound Comparison

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I picked up these axle backs second hand a few months back. Nobody really seemed to know where they came from (seller wasn’t sure either) so I’ve started calling them the “mystery mufflers”. This past weekend I installed them on my 2014 GT and made a video of the install and a sound comparison...
  2. Brown Lee Roush Mustang

    2015+ 5.0 Mustang Talk
    I've been considering jumping into a Mustang GT for quite some time and I came across an article that talked about this offer for a Roush supercharged Mustang from the dealer: I was just wondering from drivers who run the Rousch...
  3. Denied a GT500, Ford Australia Makes its Own Supercharged Mustang

    Oh to be an Australian. Attracted by history and by nature to the muscle of American cars, but denied by distance their presence. Aussies aren’t about to take it lying down, though. Thanks to a lack of right-hand-drive examples, Ford has made it clear that the GT500 will not be exported to the...
  4. GT40-Inspired Roush Mustang Will Ride its 700 HP to SEMA

    Classic Talk
    SEMA is kind of like the cat walk at Paris Fashion Week. The designs are so ridiculous that they’re meant more as statements of intent than actual products you would take home. But sometimes, a design is actually just right, as is the case with this Roush Mustang. Headed for SEMA, it’s the...
  5. Getting the Most out of my 2011 Supercharged `5.0

    Drag Racing
    I have a 2011 Mustang GT Convertible Roush Stage 2 Supercharged. Running the stock transmission on it and a shorty throw shifter, wondering what you guys suggest for launching RPM's, and RPM's for shifting gears on a 1/4 mile drag strip. I know not all Mustangs are modded equally but given the...
  6. Roush Delivers 700 hp Mustang With a Warranty

    I never thought that I would look at a 700 hp Mustang and think "oh look, another 700 hp Mustang." But that's where we are. The best time there has ever been if you want a Mustang that has unholy amounts of horsepower and you want it from a dealer showroom. This one comes from long-time Ford...
  7. Watch: Ford Celebrates the New Formula Drift Season the Only Way it Knows How

    "Apocalypse Now," "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Pulp Fiction." These films all have big opening scenes that make an immediate impact on the audience, boldly grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and demanding their attention. These opening scenes pale in comparison to Ford Performance's latest...
  8. Roush JackHammer Mustang Pounds Out 710 HP

    The latest special Mustang from Roush Performance arrives ready for 710 hp. Roush calls the JackHammer Mustang "to be supercharged." That means it comes with most of the work done before it reaches the dealer. Most of the components are installed, as is the machining work necessary on the...
  9. Documentary About Terrible Race Car Found Forgotten in Desk Drawer

    Do you know about the Mustang GTP? Unfortunately, it's one of the saddest and most unsuccessful race cars the Ford Motor Company has ever built. Designed by the legendary Bob Riley and packing a 1.7-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder pumping out an astonishing 600 horsepower, the Mustang...
  10. Flowmaster Outlaw Mustang 2013 GT

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey guys I have been looking at A/B recently and am leaning to the Flowmaster Outlaws, however I want others insight, are the outlaws loud to the point where I will getting caught up with the police often or can it be tame in the neighborhood still loud but not obnoxiously loud. My second choice...
  11. Roush's New 729 Mustang is a Modern Boss

    Quite possibly the most visually arresting Mustang on display at SEMA this year.  The Roush 729 is a one-of-one weapon designed to pay respects to one of the most feared bruisers of the muscle car era, Ford's 1970 Boss 429 Mustang. At the heart of the matter is a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that's...
  12. Roush, Ford Performance Team Up on New 700-HP Supercharger

    Ford Performance and Roush Performance have added a new chapter to their storied history. The two companies have co-developed an all-new supercharger for the 5.0-liter V8  engine  found in the 2018 Ford Mustang and F-150, boosting the Mustang GT’s performance to 700 horsepower and 610...
  13. Meet the Most Powerful Roush Mustang Ever...

    Roush Performance's famed P-51 Mustang is back, this time as the most powerful road car the company has ever built.  Hiding for nearly a decade, the new P-51 was officially unveiled last week after first appearing at both the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas and the 2017 North American International...
  14. Roush Owner

    Hello, all. I just retired from the US Navy last year, and I'm finally getting some time to get back into my Mustang. My first was an '03 GT that I traded in for an '05 GT. Currently, I have a 2007 Roush 427R that I bought new almost ten years ago. I haven't driven it much over the last few...
  15. 1990 5.0 motor exhaust? Roush??

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1990 efi motor going into my 66 mustang and I am trying to find the right exhaust. Does anyone have roush exhaust or mufflers at least on their 5.0 motor? I have a completely stock motor and want to find the right sound, so link me some videos of how yours sounds if its stock! No built...
  16. Roush Performance Parts Now Available to Europeans Through Mountune

    ROUSH Performance wants to make sure all Mustangs owners have equal access to their performance catalog, it's 2016 after all, we don't discriminate anymore.  Mustang owners in the old world should jump for joy, Mountune recently announced they've become official distributors of ROUSH...
  17. Just another intro

    I'm in Austin,Tx 1992 Saac MkI 6,100 Miles "not for sale" 2012 Roush Stage 2 63,000 miles I have had many others this is current lineup. All is fun and games till the wife shows up, and then the cop get scared.
  18. 70k miles and still loving it!

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Well, I know I have not put as many miles as others, but I could not beleive it the other day when I finally hit it. The Engine runs better and better. This was my realistic dream car when I bought it. I did not want a supercharger but it has every other option that could be on a Stage 2 Roush...
  19. Underdrive pullys

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Whos running what?
  20. FM Outlaw vs Roush AB

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    So I'm getting a new manual '14 GT next week and i'd like to get some new ABs for it. I'll also do a resonator delete. Which AB would sound better and louder? I used to drive a 2v auto GT with FM 40's and no cats, so I'm pretty used to drone. Doesn't really bother me.