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  1. Gearing options for 4 Speed Toploader

    Classic Tech
    So was curious to know the opinion of anyone out there with 4 speed manual transmissions and the gears they are running pos/neg.. I have a 302, 4 speed toploader(wide ratio), 8 inch rear with 3.0 gears.. I knew after building the car that I was fine with an 8 inch rear, but not the 3.0 gears...
  2. Car is bucking/lurching

    So I did a tranny swap from automatic to standard this winter and I noticed my biggest problem is how much my car bucks. If my rpms are below 2000-2500 then the car buckskin crazy. It's only a v6, is this normal or is there something wrong? Could my new exhaust be a problem too like not enough...
  3. RPMs fluctuating after letting off throttle??

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    this is very weird and I have no idea what could be causing it. it doesn't happen 24/7 but it does occur at least once a day. whenever I am in any gear and I'm accelerating normal and I get off the throttle the RPMs kind of spaz out , fluctuating within 300-400RPMS of whatever RPM it was on when...
  4. 1999 Mustang constant High RPMS please help

    V6 Tech
    I have recently had problems with my RPMS. When I turn my car on it stays above 1000 RPMS and any time I press down on the clutch to switch gears, the RPMS rev up to around 3000 RPMS and when I'm in neutral just coasting the RPMS rev up to a little above 3000 rpms. The only tim the RPMs go...
  5. Slow Dropping / Hanging RPM

    V6 Tech
    Hello, I've got a little bit of an annoying problem with my 2000 mustang. I have a 5-speed and between shifts it would either jump UP to 3000 RPM or drop down and stay at 3000 RPM. I recently changed the oil and for some reason it helped it a little. Now it drops most of the time but it drops...
  6. RPM shifting and RPM cruising...

    4.6L Talk
    Just curious how everybody drives their GT. I got a 1996 GT, first year of the 4.6L. If the previous owner was telling the truth, which I'm sure he wasn't, my car should have 3.73 gears. I got a Bassani o/r x-pipe with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers and 3 1/2" black chrome tips. Wanna hear...
  7. What gears should I get? 373's or 410's? 1996 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    I got a 1996 Mustang GT, just rolled 100k miles. Not much done to here as far as performance goes. According to the owner I bought it from, she has 373 gears already installed. I'm no mechanic so I'm not sure if it really does or if he was just selling s**t to sell the car. Anyway I do...
  8. Is there far more power up there? (RPM)

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I know this may be hard to beleive, but I've never taken my car above ~5000 RPM. I may have gotten above 4500, once. My accelerations are always very gradual - really, the car pulls strong (enough for me) up to the 4K mark. I'm very much a conservative driver and I'm terribly afraid of tickets...
  9. 1992 Mustang LX RPMS!

    2.3L Tech
    So i was drving my car i noticed that the rpms of my car idleing are 3000 and when im going it stays around 4000 doesnt go any higher is that normal? Shoot anything u got.:worship
  10. RPM differences between 3:55 and 4:10

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I suspect this question has been asked and answered already, but I am new to the forums and not sure how to track it down. I am soon to purchase new gears for my 07 GT; I am leaning heavily to 4:10 but curious to know what the RPM difference will be at 70 MPH between the stock 3:55 and the...
  11. 2004 Mustang Automatic low RPMs, Why?

    V6 Tech
    Ever since I bought my mustang from a dealer near my house it has had some issue with RPMs, I can floor it and i can not get my RPMs above 3000 for the life of me. It has no pick up at all. I thought this was very strange, is something wrong?! Thanks P,S its an automatic tranny.