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rust repair

  1. 1965 Mustang Coupe Total Restoration of a rust bucket where to start.

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    I have done body work for over 20 years but can honestly say most always have been General motors vehicles with frames this is my first Ford and it's for the wife. My question to the forum is where do I start when the trunk area, quarter panels, rear inner fenders, inside floor, front torque...
  2. Buying a car with a questionable history

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    Hey All, Newbie here! And I am not a "car person" (yet). I have been looking at a 1965 fastback for sale from a restorer. He restored the car. He is a "well know" Shelby restorer for over 30 years. He also takes on other projects where he thinks he can make some money, like the car I am looking...
  3. 1967 Mustang Hood Repair. Worth it?

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    I have a 1967 coupe with a turn signal hood that I assume is factory but cannot verify. The top of the hood is in decent shape with some surface rust but the underside on the lip is rusted through. Hood is still structural and latches just fine though. I'm wondering if anyone bothers to repair...
  4. Get rust off floor pans/frame?

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    Hey all, Just bought a 65 coupe, has the straight 6 and an automatic. It's in pretty good shape, but i need to get some rust off the floor pans and frame. Don't worry, it's not serious yet. There's no holes or weak spots, and no cracks or holes in the pans, but I do need to get it taken care...
  5. 1968 Coupe, Rust Removal Products - Help

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    Has anyone had success with any of the "Rust Reformer" products? I've been working on my '68 Coupe and dealing with rust in various areas. I've done some sheet metal work on the driver's side floor pan and now in the process of replacing a rusted (on the top) gas tank. The trunk area itself...
  6. Is it better to replace or can you repair pin sized rust holes in a 1966 mustang

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    I just recently started restoration on my 1966 mustang and i found some small rust spots dime sized on the floor pans. My question is would it be better if i just replace them or is it possible to repair them? Any input on this subject is greatly appreciated.
  7. restoring a daily driver

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    Hey guys, I just bought a 66 that was being used as a daily driver. It's got the straight 6, it runs great, but it's in need of body repair. There are a few spots of rust coming up through the paint, and I would like to strip the car completely, fix any rust, and repaint. My question is should...
  8. Don't laugh, but will nail polish slow rusting?

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    I've got a 66 coupe that was painted a couple owner's back (emberglo). The paint has a nice shine but seems to have been a rush job as there is rust bubbles comping out in corners of door and while the filler around the rear glass is holding up it's not the best job. Question - one of the...