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  1. A Ford GT Sold for $1.8M at Auction – Likely to Ford’s Dismay

    Earlier this month, a Ford GT mysteriously appeared on the lot list for Mecum’s Indianapolis 2018 auction, which was held this past weekend. The GT ended up selling for a staggering  $1,815,000  – this despite the fact that Ford made purchasers of the supercar sign an agreement that they would...
  2. Selling advice

    5.0L Talk
    Hello All, I was looking to seek some sellers advice. I've come to that dreaded crossroad where the time has come to sell my SN95. As much I hate the idea I know its necessary in order to move on to a different project. The advice I seek is what would be a good starting price point to...
  3. 2010 GT Convertible: should I sell or trade in?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have a 2010 GT convertible premium with upgrades via Ford Racing with the GT Power upgrade package (M-FR1-MGTA) plus the GT 400 HP Supercharger performance kit. Is it correct to assume since I have these racing-oriented enhancements I will do better with a direct sale rather than trying to...
  4. Different methods of selling my wheels

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I recently posted my wheels in the for sale section, but they aren't selling as fast as I had hoped. I'm really hoping to get some good advice like other places to try and sell them, or if my listing is asking to much. Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks. Link to my wheels...
  5. I have a bunch of stock 67 convertible parts

    Classic Talk
    Like the title says I have a bunch of 67 convertible parts in my garage, but have no idea how much it is all work. Just to name a few, I have original steering wheel, original hubcaps, original hood...etc. Let me know if you are in need of something and I'll check to see if I have it. Shoot me...
  6. Stuff Not on classifieds !!!!

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    So I am a S197 Owner and i am interested in hearing what people have that they may not have put in the sites classified ads, Thought some people just might have some extra stuff laying around, but might not have wanted to take the extra time to write and ad for it, If you have anything you might...
  7. DiabloSport inTune: Black Friday & Beyond Sale!

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey everyone we've been getting a lot of customers asking for some breaks for the holidays, so we wanted to let you all know that we have a holiday promo on the inTune! Not sure that everyone will be offering this price as I know there are companies out there that offer tunes and so forth as...
  8. 2011 V6 Procharger

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I was wondering if anybody could get me any idea on where I could find the procharger tuner kit for the best price possible. Anyone?
  9. Anyone interested in 2010 Mustang GT/GT500 Parts?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have a bunch of parts that came off my dads 2010 GT500 that we are going to sell. I was going to try and fit some of it on my '13 GT but seems like too much of a hassle having to piece everything together too make it fit. He bought the car as soon as they came out and then a month later had...
  10. What do you guys think?

    5.0L Talk
    Helo, Im a newbie to the fourm and just wanted to get your guys imput. Im only 15 and just got my first car. Its a blue 1990 mustang lx hatchback :bigthumbsup. I currently have BBK polished headers, Msd ignition, 9mm wires, and 3.73 gears.(i also have aftermarket headlights, taillights, interior...
  11. Farewell AFM Forums

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    As of 4:00 today we are an all-Trailblazer family. I traded my S197 V6 with Leather for an 08 Trailblazer SS. I have just spent the last six months shopping for the right GT at the right price. I drove modded GT's, new GT's A Shelby GT and an 09 GT500. Sorry to say last Monday night I had...
  12. 1999 Cobra Mustang

    1999 cobra - conv blk on blk on blk - 34,000 miles - all stock exterior - saleen add was just for me not for show and ins wanted huge ins payment for outside markings since I am 50 miles to us border.
  13. late 1960's mustang buying help

    Classic Talk
    Hello, i am a high school student looking for a later 1960's mustang to work on as a project for my father and I. i have looked around for one but i have not been able to find one with out rust or with a fair price. if you tell me where i could find such a car that would be greatly appriciated...
  14. New Member Ready to sell my 1968 Mustang Coupe

    I am really excited about joining I found this site doing a google search trying to get tips on selling my '68 Mustang Coupe which I hate to sell but I'm trading up for a fastback from my uncle that needs some major TLC. I'm really excited about getting my new car and this...
  15. 1996 V6 engine parts for sale

    V6 Talk
    I have some used V6 engine parts left over from an engine swap that I would like to part out: If you would like to take them off my hands message me and we can work out price and shipping. I can provide pics if you would like to see the parts. Parts that I have: 2 cylinder heads, one has a bent...
  16. Shaker 500, Want To Buy a 2008 HeadUnit

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an '08 Shaker 500 headunit. I have an '06 vert and I want to upgrade the sound. Does anyone know where I can find one?