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  1. Help.... Saleen wheels on 95 gt

    5.0L Talk
    I recently purchased some saleen wheels for my car, and they did not have center caps. I went on and order some center caps for them, I received them in the mail today and they do not fit, they are too small. I need some that are 3 inches around, and the part that snaps into...
  2. New to the site: 1989 Saleen Mustang

    I haven't posted here before so I figure this is a good place to start. I can already tell this is were I am going to spend a lot of time, after some Google searches this is the best mustang forum on the web! I can't wait to learn more and contribute! Anyway, less chat more pictures!
  3. My photoshop experience with my 5.0

    5.0L Talk
    ok, well I love saleen wheels. I love them so much(don't have them yet) that I went and downloaded photoshop trial to see how those wheels would look. Here are my results...(been using photoshop for 23 hours now. lol) chrome 18" saleens...