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    I've long held it to be common sense to wash the underbody of one's car after any winter where the car may have driven over a salty road, but some of the comments on various Mustang forums have said it's not so. I've even heard it may do more harm than good, wetting the salt and pushing it up...
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    so i live in central ohio... and the city literally just dumps the salt alll over the road... and i hear salt is one of the main causes of rust... so (since my stang is my daily driver all year long) should i have it undercoated?? does it actually protect? how much does it usually cost? and what...
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    Ight i got a problem, ok, first i have to say that this is my winter rims, but id still like to work on the corrosion problem. I have a set of stock 03 rims with the plastic lug cover inserts. there really corroded, tried steel wool (fine) what else should i try? :?: