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  1. 4.6L Talk
    Currently I have an Magnaflow Catback (non-Magnapack) and I was thinking of adding an x-pipe, headers and such. Now I have kind of changed my mind. I was looking into Bassani for my headers and x-pipe when I found a set of Bassani Mufflers (after listening to some Youtube Vids). (Part# 4840...
  2. 4.6L Talk
    So I been a long time camaro owner. I had a 98 z28 and I loved the power but the car had 156k and had its problems so it was time for a change. I traded the camaro in last night and drove home with this baby. Its 100% stock automatic with 45k. I always wanted a mustang and finally got one. I...
  3. 4.6L Talk
    I'm having a tough time deciding what type of headers/mid-pipe to order. Right now I just have Magnaflow Catbacks (non Magnapack) on my 01 GT, while they sound amazing, I'm looking for something with a more agressive sound, without being too raspy. I thought about getting PaceSetter or Mac LT...
  4. 4.6L Talk Thoughts on this video?
1-4 of 5 Results