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  1. Help identifying hood/scoop

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey all! --EDIT-- After 2 weeks of looking on and off, of course I locate it right after posting: It seems to be a Xenon 12138 Hood Scoop. Also added a few terrible low light photos of the edges, where it doesn't look great. Kinda thinking removing it is going to result in a repaint...
  2. Considering butterfly scoop '67 289

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I am in the process of restoring my 67 mustang. I have the 289 running with all basic parts but have been looking to upgrade. I have mostly been eyeing the edelbrock performer series as a big part of what i want to do is swap out my two barrel carb for a 4 brrl. As this is my first...
  3. Does anyone have a spare 2005 - 2009 Mustang Roush Hood Scoop Installation Pattern?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster. So the story is that I have recently been able begin modifying my 06 convertible, and I just purchased a Roush Hood Scoop off fleebay, but unfortunately the seller didn't send/have the installation pattern. I was wondering if anyone who has...
  4. help me with a little decision

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I bought my car with a few months ago and it had the non functional hood scoop on it. I personally like the look of the car without it, but no one around here has the scoop so in a way it makes my car stand out a little from the crowd. The question is should I keep it or take it off? is there a...
  5. 01 mustang window scoops

    4.6L Talk
    Alright guys it's that time of month again for me to posts something up so I got something to wait forn:bigthumbsup. My gf is buying me a Christmas present early so I got her to buy me the new window scoops at americanmuscle. I didn't like the old ones cuz they stuck out way to much. But...
  6. 2010 hood scoop fit my '05?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    hey i was just wondering if the 2010+ hood scoop would fit my 2005 gt? i mean it seems like it would but i was wondering if anyone has done it or seen it? pics would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hood Scoop OEM Paint Different Color

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    There's a brand new 'still in the box' Ford 05-09 OEM hood scoop on craigslist that is painted black. I have a Vista blue '06 mustang. Would it be difficult to have a shop re-paint & clearcoat Vista blue? Would they just sand blast it? I'm unsure because it's ABS plastic?
  8. Shaker system with aftermarket CAI?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I've seen all the shaker systems hook into what looks like the stock airbox and air intake, which makes sense so the air can flow directly into the intake system... I was thinking of getting a shaker system, seems a good addition to an intake system that isn't ready for any forced induction yet...
  9. 2000 GT Hood Scoop

    4.6L Tech
    This is my first post.. Anyway, I recently bought a used 2000 GT, and unfortunately this was the last of the GT years to get the ugly hood "indent" I call it? It goes down and in instead of up. I've seen a bunch of things about hood scoops but I don't know if it is what I'm looking for. I want...
  10. Where to buy after market hoods for 1989 Mustang GT

    5.0L Talk
    I am looking for a new hood if anyone can help thanks alot.
  11. 2011 Mustang Hood Scoop Seam Hiding

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I have a new 2011 5.0 GT on order with the accessory package #4, hood scoop and pedestal spoiler. Love the look, but hate the "seam" where the fake scoop joins on to the hood. Anyone have a way of hiding or camouflaging it? I was thinking that if I can't hide it, to ask the dealership to not...
  12. 1965-1966 Restomod Ramjet Side Scoops

    Classic Talk
    Hey all, found these on Mustangs Plus. Anyone run them? Pictures? Mustang Parts from Mustangs Plus :: Fiberglass :: Miscellaneous Fiberglass :: 1965-66 Restomod Ramjet Side Scoops
  13. Ummm...uh....OK?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    This morning I was at the Ford dealer getting my GT serviced and talking to my salesman, when up pulled THIS. We both stood there looking out the window......and I simply stated that this was the ugliest thing I have ever seen anyone do to a S197. He thought that maybe it was for picking up...
  14. How do you put on a Hood Scoop?

    V6 Talk
    How do you put on a Hood Scoop?
  15. 2007+ Mustang GT Appearance Package Hood Scoop

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hello, Has anybody tried making the the GT Appearance Package hood scoop functional; or know on a kit to achieve this? Thanks.
  16. 2003 Mustang V6 Convertible, adding GT hood with scoop. Please help, I am new here.

    V6 Talk
    Hello, Could someone please help me. I am trying to figure out what I have to do to add the GT Hood with the scoop onto my 2003 Mustang V6 convertible. I wanted to know: Can I just swap out the stock hood with the GT hood with the scoop? If not what modifications would I have to make? (ie...
  17. Hood vents allow water!!!

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hello, I recently had the trufiber gt-s III ram air hood installed. It looks great! Makes the car mean! However I do have one problem. I live in Connecticut, and use the car everyday. The hood has the two vents that allow for air to flow nicley, however its going to allow water and rain to...