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  1. V8 Mustang Auto Trans Leak/Torque Converter or Pump?

    5.0L Tech
    Have and 88 Mustang I bought a year ago, that has the 351W swapped into it. It's an automatic trans. (Was rebuilt (by who dunno)). Car ran great then all of a sudden (in the course of NORMAL driving [wasn't getting on it at all, never really did) the trans fluid just literally poured out of...
  2. Window weather strips. Can't find. 1994 Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    Today I was securing things in the yard for the upcoming Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy that is suppose to hit where I live around 1 AM. I arranged mine, my dads, and my moms mustangs in the driveway close to the fence and as far away from the nearest tree as possible as we do not have a garage...
  3. info on Differential Seal part number

    Classic Tech
    i have a 1967 289.. my rear differential seal is leaking.. im not sure what the size that is but i got part number 7044NA that was a 9inch rear seal.. but did not fit.. the other one i looked at part number 8181NA i have not tried it, but will be purchasing it soon.. unless anyone of u Mustang...
  4. 1999 Mustang Serious water leaking into car HELP

    V6 Tech
    Ok, so here in South Florida we've been getting heavy rain lately, and a week ago i kept getting a puddle on my passenger seat, i inspected and it was the top of the windshield, the rubber lining wasnt sealed, used some silicone and problem is fixed. Now however, ive noticed a mildew smell, and...
  5. 1969 window seal

    Classic Talk
    Hey, so I'm finally in the process of getting the body work done on my 69 msutang. When looking the car over to see what i needed to replace I noticed that the passenger side window has a metal (chrome) covering the edge of it between that window and the quarter window. This however, is missing...
  6. Taillight seals/gasket

    Classic Talk
    I need to replace the seals on my taillights of my 70 grande, but I'm not really sure where to find the seals.
  7. crankshaft rear main seal 2003 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    I have the clutch pulled out to replace and want to replace the rear main seal while im in there. Autozone instructions say you need a Crankshaft Rear Oil Slinger Remover tool and the Ford website shows the Crankshaft Oil Slinger as part of this assembly, HAYNES MANUAL MENTIONS NOTHING OF THIS ...
  8. 2008 Mustang GT Convertible exhaust smell inside

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Before I spend by precious mod funds , I thought I would pose this question to the forum. I have a 2008 GT convertible 5 speed manual with 28k miles and I am getting an exhaust smell inside the car at all speeds and types of driving. It's a little more tolerable when I use the recirculate air...
  9. Supercharger Fluid everywhere, Saleen Series IV

    4.6L Tech
    Went to the local mustang shop, took a mechanic for a ride trying to listen for an exhaust leak, he told me not to worry about it for now, but to fill up my s/c with more fluid, bought a bottle, put it in, needed more, bought another bottle, started leaking out of the front of the s/c when i...
  10. Steering column seal on the firewall

    2.3L Tech
    Im doing a 5 speed conversion in my 92 hatch and i need 2 find a firewall seal for the 5 speed with a hydrolic clutch. Does anyone have one or know where i can get one? i already checked a few catalogs & the junkyard. I appreciate any help.
  11. Possible Rear Main Seal Leak

    V6 Tech
    Yesterday, after I backed my car out of the garage, I noticed a fairly small oily puddle on the floor or my garage. After getting semi underneath my car, I can see a small wet patch on some part of the transmission, near where it bolts up to the motor. I think it might be a main seal leak, but...