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  1. Talk to the Chair: Ford Patents Voice-activated Seats

    Apparently, the increasingly complex array of buttons on the side of a modern driver’s seat has become too much for humans to process. There are just too many ways to adjust our seating position (though not in this writer’s car). What if, instead of pressing buttons and switches, we could bark...
  2. URGENT help needed with interior code. Lumbar

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    The lumbar support broke on my 2008 bullitt. Although I am young I have a bad lower back and desperately need lumbar support. The new lumbar kit is $350. I am going to try to take a cheaper way out and buy a kit out of a salvage yard. When I called my local salvage yard they asked for my...
  3. Headrest too far back.

    V6 Talk
    Hi, I recently got an 01 V6. Is it only me or is the head rest too far back? Is it possible to move the headrest forward? Thanks!
  4. Help identifying part for GT convertible

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey I have a 2008 GT convertible. There is a fabric flap that is attached to the rear of the upper part of the back seat. The previous owner or shop sliced through this flap in order to remove the back seat at some point. I would like to replace this flap as it is visible through the rear...
  5. Seat repair help

    Mustang II Talk
    Hey before i put my mustang ii away for winter i realized that the little chrome lever that controls the front seat to lean foward to let someone in was limp and did nothing, im guessing a sping went, any idea on how to fix or where to start, i didnt wanna just start taking the seat apart...
  6. 2000 seat upgrade

    Hey Guys , Please let me know what seats you like . I'm looking to put a harness bar in so they need the holes, Comfort plus Price is the category creator. Im leaning on Corbeau A4's. Always heard they are comfortable , open to options. Thanks ahead !
  7. 1966 Mustang Seat Swap to Fiero Seats

    Classic Tech
    Well I have recently acquired some Fiero seats and I have seen the seats installed on other forums in Mustangs. I am curious to know if anyone has done them here. If they have, how did you mod the seat tracks. Did you use the original fiero's seat tracks or the mustang's tracks. Upholstery...
  8. 1968 mustang coupe seat recliner lever removal

    Classic Tech
    Helppppp!!! Very last thing i have to do to get her on the road is reupholster but i just cant seem to get the recliner lever off the side of the bucket seats to get the new vinyl on. I have removed the screw from the lever but there appears to be a metal plug on the inside preventing me from...
  9. 2012 Coupe Seat Belt Compatibility

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Does anyone know if front seatbelts from a 2007 Mustang will fit in the 2012 models? I'm having troubles finding some online and I found a great deal on a 2007 set of them. Thanks.
  10. 2012 drivers seat side bolster issue, maybe?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Well, today was the day where i picked up my new v6 Premium from the dealer. Everything seems to be working great, but after getting in and out of the drivers seat a few times i have noticed that inside the drivers seat left side bolster on the seat top (about 8 inches under the airbag tag) it...
  11. Racing Seat leans too far back

    5.0L Talk
    So i was pushing up against the seat to reach into my pocket at the gas station and my seat made a loud noise and will not position itself upright like its supposed to be, i think i snapped that gear off. i have unmarked racing seats so i have no clue where they came from but they look like this...
  12. 1966 Seat Belt Restoration

    Classic Talk
    The seat belts in my '66 look great on the outside but when you look inside the roller is all rusted and the seat belts are faded. How do you get the seat belts apart to restore them?
  13. 1966 Ford Mustang Lap Belt Help

    Classic Tech
    Hey i accidently pulled out the lapbelt from my mustang. I took it off completely then really messed it up. Right now the head of the belt (the part with the square in the middle) is seperated from the belt and I have no idea on how to fix it. Please help me, I cannot drive until this problem is...
  14. '97 Driver's power seat won't move back

    4.6L Tech
    1997 Vert GT, leather, power driver's seat. It has the switch that points forward in front of the seat pan. Well, that's about what there is to tell. I dare not move it forward any more, or I won't be able to get in! Haven't had the chance to spend any time on it, nor will I know what I'm...
  15. Can I use 2003 Mustang seats in a 1993 GT?

    5.0L Talk
    I just purchased a pretty decent 1993 5.0 Mustang from a junk yard for 1k and I want to fix her up. I notice the seats are not that comfortable and I found some 2003 Mustang seats that appear to be the same design as my 1993 Mustang seats except the 2003s are Leather while mine appear to be some...
  16. Halo Headrests wanted

    5.0L Talk
    I am looking for halo headrests for my 90 mustang vert. They need to be in good shape overall no cracks or chunks missing but the color doesnt matter they have to be dyed white anyway. I would buy either netted or unnetted you can post here or email me directly at [email protected] with what...
  17. Aftermarket Seat Belt on Stock Seats

    5.0L Tech
    Would a 4-Point seat belt work on these stock Halo type seats? The mustang is a 1992 GT.
  18. White Fox Interior Questions

    5.0L Talk
    Hi i have a 90 7 up fox and all though it is blue with a black top now it still retains its white interior and i want to keep it that way. Does anyone know where i can find a drivers seat or for that matter anything?? the drivers seat is really the only bad one but if i can find the rest for a...
  19. CJ Pony Parts Procar Rear Seat?

    Classic Tech
    So, I'm looking to buy some Procar seats from CJ Pony Parts, and I found these: MUSTANG PROCAR SEAT VINYL RALLY SERIES REAR COUPE 1965-1967 Allegedly, they are rear seats that match the front. Unfortunately, there is no photo to go along with the listing, so I dont know what they look like...
  20. leather seat covers

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    does anyone know where i can get a set of 05-09 gt takeoff black leather seat covers i have been looking for days? any help is appreciated