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  1. 2000 GT PATS Problem

    4.6L Tech
    When I get in the car to start it, the PATS is clicking. The starter won't turn over until I hit the unlock button on the key fob. It does this again when I shut the car off and it sits for 3 to 5 minutes. As soon as I hit the unlock button, everything is ok. I took the car to the Ford dealer...
  2. What's Your Winter Security System?

    Mustang S197 Off Topic Lounge
    Security System by Frosty!
  3. 2004 Mustang GT Security issue? Car won't start

    4.6L Tech
    Hi everyone, I came on here b/c I have never heard of this problem before. I have an '04 GT which will not start. I have a brand new optima batterry and I don't believe its the alternator. What's odd is when I turn the key the theft light goes crazy and flashes non stop, car won't start. I tried...
  4. 1966 Mustang Security/Killswitch Help please

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, I'm trying to make my car alot more secure because its my daily driver to school and work and I leave it outside at work for 5 hours at a time. (with a wheel lock and a cover... of course) BUT I cannot always have one eye on the car so I was reading that a kill switch would be the...
  5. Security System 1970 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    I am looking to install a security system into my 1970 Coupe, I know they are really not all that effective but at least feel a bit more comfortable with one installed. Any suggestions. A few things I think might be nice: 1. Remote Start 2. Disabler 3. Hood open detection 4. Motion detector 5...
  6. aftermarket security alarm system question and random tint question

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    1. I wanted to get an aftermarket alarm for my mustang but wanted to keep my factory remote since its part of the key, no sense in carrying around 2 remotes. I heard getting a remote start put on a manual isnt a great idea and I dont want to really mess with the warranty. I called a local shop...
  7. Whats the best Security

    Classic Tech
    Whats the best way to protect your car, when you don't have a nice garage to put it away at night? Such as kill switch or good alarm system what should i do to keep from getting my tank siphoned. Thx
  8. First 2010 Mustang with Lightbar

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Well...what do you think of it? Assembled by my father and me. Owned by CODE 7 Security in Mission, TX. It goes in for company decals and white doors on Monday.