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sending unit

  1. 302 No Oil Pressure Reading

    Classic Tech
    I replaced my oil sending unit on my 302 but when the engine is running the gauge doesn't move. I have grounded the wire and the gauge pegs so I know thats not the problem and since I have driven it plenty of times I know the engine is getting oil. Anything else that could be causing this...
  2. 1966 mustang temperature gauge issue

    Classic Tech
    Today I noticed my temperature gauge fluctuating on my 66 mustang. I have the stock gauges nothing aftermarket or digital. It goes from the low reading to the high and back down to normal while driving. Not sure if it is the thermostat or sending unit. Al other gauges are working fine. Any help...
  3. Again with the fuel sending unit issue

    Classic Talk
    Well today, i test my fuel sending unit as it was draining and the number on ohms i was getting was around 165-170. I was taking the positive and putting it to the muffler. Then after i took it out realized that i shouldve grounded it to the plate, so i put it back in, just hanging there...
  4. Testing fuel sending unit 67'

    Classic Talk
    I was just making sure how to test to make sure a sending unit is working properly. You take the multimeter and put it on ohms. Then take the positive "prong" and touch it to the part in which the sending unit connection is made. My question is where does the ground "prong" go? Does it connect...
  5. Fuel tank problem

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1967 mustang, and i just recently put replaced the fuel sending unit because it was old and the float had a hole in it. So my problem is i put roughly 8 gallons of gas in it so far and the guage has moved some but has only gone to the first line from the "E" on the guage. I pegged the...
  6. 1989 Mustang GT Weird oil Pressure readings

    5.0L Tech
    Hi, I have an '89 GT and I've been getting really weird oil pressure readings. From start up the pressure seems fine and sits a little below the halfway mark on the factory gauge, but when I accelerate or beat on it the oil pressure seems to drop off very drastically. The motor is almost all...
  7. Speedometer Issues

    5.0L Tech
    Im nearing completion on my 90' gt, most likely going to see track time in the next three weeks. However my speedo doesnt work at all. I was under the impression that the car has an electric sending unit, similar to my old explorer. But today when I got under the car I saw a speedometer cable...
  8. Black or White Faced Gauges

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1989 LX Hatch and was wondering what might look better: white faced or black faced gauges. Also, is an electronic or mechanical sending unit better. Thanks for your input:bigthumbsup
  9. Sending unit still leaking, PLEASE HELP!!

    Classic Tech
    I changed the gasket twice w/o removing tank. I was concerned gasket wasn't seating so I removed tank and tried again with no luck. Should I replace sending unit? It's hard to say where gas is actually coming from.
  10. 69 sending unit wire

    Classic Tech
    Tonight I was looking around for a place to route a battery cable from the rear. I barely touched the wire coming out of the sending unit and it broke off where it goes into the flange, opening up a big hole for gas to start spewing all over me. So I have my finger over the hole, now what? AH...
  11. 1988 Mustang GT Oil Pressure Sending Unit Location

    5.0L Tech
    I was wondering where i could find the oil pressure sending unit on an 88 5.0. I'm doing an oil change and i would also like to clean the connector on the oil pressure sending unit. Just one problem, I don't know where it is. Any help would be appriciatied.:so
  12. 97 V6 quick temp/oil sending unit question

    V6 Tech
    I have a 97 V6 mustang and the oil pressure sending unit and the coolant temperature sending unit need to be replaced. both gauges on the dash seem to be off and read low evan after driving for a while. I found the oil pressure sending unit but i am not quite sure how to get it off and what tool...
  13. 1977 Mustang II fastback gas tank leak... bad.

    Mustang II Tech
    So I was driving home from the gas station with a full tank of gas, first time I've filled in 4 months due to price and how often I drive the car. I get two blocks and smell the gas at a stop sign. I had leaked almost half the tank in two blocks. The side filler (main), the vapor line on...