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  1. whats a smooth shifter?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Which shifter is not notchy and shifts smooth between gears? I found a few names. ford racing mgw barton hurst steeda
  2. 1966 C4 Transmission Questions

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, and was hoping you could help me out with some answers. I currently have a 1966 mustang with a C4- 3 speed transmission. Its running great, however the RPMs are very high when cruising at about 50mph. Would an AOD swap help out? and can I use a transmission from...
  3. Question about AOD Transmission Rebuild

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys I have an 88 LX with a stock 302 crate motor only has 40k miles on it. The rest of the body including the transmission has 140k on it. The transmission shifts softly and doesnt hold the gears out. It shifts at about 3-4k into the next gear and when Im romping on it, the car has no pick...
  4. First time with an AOD? read this...

    5.0L Tech
    As some of you may have read in previous posts, I have been trying to set up my first AOD transmission (ive done the t5 route before. wanna try the aod out). I have called a few different specialists with a few questions about my setup and I got brushed off like I was some 16 year old kid who...
  5. Auto trans shift kit?

    V6 Talk
    hey im trying to get more torque outta my v6 ive been thinking about getting a shift kit for it what do yall think?
  6. Best shift kit for 1968 C4 with a 289 4v?

    Classic Tech
    What do you guys think is the best shift kit for a 68 C4 trans? The trans is hooked to a 289 4v in my daily driver, so I don't want to go too extreme with anything. I've got it between either a transgo stage 2 kit (TransGo Performance 47-2 - TransGo Performance Shift Kits - Overview -...
  7. Transgo Reprogramming Kit In An FMX

    Classic Tech
    Last night I got my Transgo full manual 'reprogramming kit' into my otherwise stock FMX tranny. Works awesome as far as shifting goes, very frim, positive shifts. It feels very much like powershifting a manual transmission. The downside is now i have an issue getting into reverse. So, I'll call...
  8. Mustang Shift Kit Info. Please

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    A buddy of mine mentioned a "shift kit" (by hurst) that basically would take my auto GT and make it a hybrid :headscratch:, with me controlling the shifting, but without it being a true manuel. Do any of you guys know anything about this, the pros and cons, and what to buy? ..also If you're...
  9. crank and shift kit for 2v

    4.6L Talk
    do 2V 5-speeds rev higher than autos? if i got a tuner where i can adjust shift points, can i set them at redline of a 5-speed without having crank problems? the machs and cobra 5-speeds rev higher that the 4V autos and even come with a forged crank. would a forged crank from a 4V fit a 2V with...