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shifting problems
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  1. Mustang II Tech
    I recently acquired a 1977 mustang 2 with a c-3 auto tranny and it started shifting at random when cruising on fairly flat even blacktop at around 40 mph. This started the second time I drove it. The third time I dorve it (second time on the interstate) it started doing on my way home (32 miles...
  2. Classic Tech
    I have already posted here but I cannot figure out how to post on the regular forums. but here is my problem. I have a 65 mustang coupe with a 302 and I just installed a new clutch but the pedal is about 3 inches from the ground and I cannot shift barely at all. I think that the pedal is not...
  3. Classic Tech
    I have a 66 with a transmission that had been rebuilt. It used to run perfect, but the car was parked since summer of 07. Now it will lag when shifting into 2nd, and it doesn't feel like it's shifting into 3rd. Any ideas what can be the problem? :headscratch: Thanks for reading this.
  4. 4.6L Tech
    I have an 03 mustang gt with a chip and few bolt ons including a short throw shift but when im at the dragstrip and im shifting from 2nd to 3rd i always have a hard time getting into 3rd but when im just cruzing around town i can easily get in 3rd, an ideas what this might be? am i just trying...
  5. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have an 2005 V6 Mustang with 35,000 miles and it's about 38 months old. A few months ago the shifts became more difficult. Occasionally it's almost impossible to shift into first. I've also had problems with the other gears. I've noticed that as the outside temperatures drop (below 75 F)...
21-25 of 25 Results