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  1. HELP!! Can short people drive manual Mustangs?

    Mustang S550 General Discussion
    Right so i'm thinking of purchasing a 2015 Ecoboost manual, the Mustang has been my favourite car for as long as I can remember. now i'm getting close to actually getting one, i've realised that my height might be an issue. so i'm a guy and 5'2 at a push (ye ik i'm v short lol), I can drive my...
  2. 1966 Mustang Coupe Instrument Panel Short

    Classic Tech
    The instrument panel lights keep blowing a fuse. Here is what I have done. I know that I have power to the fuse box and I have installed a new headlight switch. I have used a test light to establish power to the side of the fuse coming from the headlight switch. I am down to unwrapping the...
  3. Injen Intake

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    anybody have any thoughts/reviews/experience with an Injen short ram intake. I was browsing ebay and came across this Injen PF9022P Powerflow Short RAM Intake Ford Mustang 3 7L | eBay
  4. Short Shifter Options

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys I've got '91 GT and I'm wanting to get a short shift for it and wondering if anyone has used this shifter? I want a Hurst a buddy has one in his and I love it but apparently they quit making them. Thinking of buying this one and then then Hurst handle and boot. Let me know what you...
  5. Charging problem from alternator to battery

    5.0L Tech
    Hey fellas, was driving and i heard a loud fuse pop, and voltage dropped. Battery light came on. Had alternator bench tested, its good. Brand new battery. I thinking it may be a slightly frayed wire from the top of alternator plug, or i hear it could also be a fuse link. Tested battery with a...
  6. 1992 5.0 alrernater wiring short low voltage

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys i was driving when i head a small pop, almost like a fuse pop, when my battery light came on and i noticed low voltage. Took off the negative while running and it shut off. So i figure the alternater. Got a new alternater, same problem. So i tested my battery and it came back at 37%...
  7. Bad headlight connections

    2.3L Tech
    lately I've run into issues with my car not starting (at the worst possible times, like in an automatic carwash) and have played around with jumping the solenoid (because I thought that was the issue) among other things. I now realize that I basically need to replace most of my wiring, since...
  8. Best 1999 Mustang GT SHORTY SHIFTER

    4.6L Talk
    I have been up day and night debating over what shifter i can get ive looked at TONS of aftermarket short shifters, the PRO 5.0, The Steeda Tri AXE shifter, but i just cant decide which is best for me. so ive decided to come here. to the experts. I am looking for the SMALLEST shifter out there...
  9. 66 Mustang Convertible strange electrical power loss

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I have a 66 mustang convertible. All was is perfect running order - no problems. Yesterday, I went to start the car, opened the door, interior lights were on as per usual, turned the key, heard one click then no electrical power to anything. I checked the battery connection, cleaned...
  10. Unknown Sensor/Connector Melted To Exhaust

    5.0L Tech
    1991 Mustang GT: Been having a ground issue and already checked the basics. I jacked up the car and while checking this and that came across a small nest of wires and harnesses located south of the o2 sensor on the drivers side; again undercarriage. There's a larger circular shaped...
  11. bad altenator???? Help please!!!

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys I have an 87 5.0 and recently it seems something has been draining my battery. I unhooked my ground cable to the battery and it didnt die, but when I hooked it back up and took off the power cable my car died. Does that mean that my altenator is bad? It all started when I put an amp and...
  12. Smoking Battery Wire after Radio Install!

    Classic Tech
    Hello- I was replacing the radio on my 1965 Mustang (Convertible w/ factory A/C Unit) and i ran into some issues. The first test went well and the radio was powered when I started the car. After the first test, something happened. Now, I cannot start the car at all. I just hear a very loud...
  13. 2003 Mustang GT 4.6L Replaced Passenger window motor and switches

    4.6L Tech
    Good evening everyone. Got an electrical window problem. Driver side goes up and down fine. Passenger window will go down but not up. Using passenger side switch and driver side passenger switch. Put new motor in passenger side. Did not work. Moved driver side switch to passenger side slot...
  14. 1968 mustang tail light issue.

    Classic Tech
    my 68 mustang has an annoying taillight issue. if my lights are off everything works as it should except for the fact that the drivers side brake light is a little dimmer than the passenger side. However, when the lights are on everything works until the brakes are applied. Then the drivers...
  15. Need Help identifing where a harness goes

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 93 foxbody Mustang that i took the carpet out a couple months back i recently installed the new one and now only the + lumbar works. i connected the harness that goes to it but i was wondering if two of them goes to the power track because i have four other harness one is for the...
  16. Need help with power seat in 1993 Mustang GT

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 93 Mustang GT that i took the carpet out a couple months back i recently installed the new one and now only the + lumbar works. i connected the harness that goes to it but i was wondering if two of them goes to the power track because i have four other harness one is for the cigarette...
  17. Short shifter info

    V6 Tech
    I installed a short shifter on my mustang but theres a lil problem : when i shift , there is a kind of resistance... its pretty dificult to shift its not like shift in butter.. is this ajustable ? thanks!