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  1. Has anyone purchased or heard of the 4to5 lug conversion from Superior Mustang Parts?

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1966 stang with four lugs all the way around and I found this company which makes a four lug to five lug conversion set for the rear. In this conversion, you don't need to look for another rear axle so there is no rear end axle swap. You just take the existing axles and take them to a...
  2. I6 rebuild questions and performance

    Classic Tech
    My problemm began when I was driving my 66 and the engine made a loud bang and next thing I knew a plume of white smoke emanated from the exhaust and my car was no longer running. I coasted to the side of the road got out and lifted the hood and found light smoke coming from between the head and...
  3. Saleen rims on a 2011 V6

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey everyone. I am a huge fan of the 99-04 Saleen rims. I think they are classy and tight. I currently have stock 17" rims on my car and I am looking to put 18" Saleen rims on it. My questions: 1) How much of my comfort am I compromising by going up a size in rims? (Which I would naturally...
  4. 1994 3.8L v6 mustang running very rich, done everything i can, advice please?

    V6 Talk
    i have a 1994 base model 3.8L v6 mustang that has been running extraordinarily rich for some time and I've dumped all of my money into fixing it and i still cannot figure out the problem. i have replaced all 6 injectors, i have replaced the air filter, i have replaced the fuel pressure...
  5. repair syncros or new transmission?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    So I had Ford confirm what I already syncros need replacing. They quote me $1850 and every transmission shop I've called either said thats a fair price and I'd have them do it or their price wasnt too far off from Ford's. So my question is for that price would you guys just buy a new...
  6. are these rare mustangs?

    Hello, this is Johan from Belgium, a question i have here, i own a 1968 fastback four lugnut, T engine code. i did not know it existed a six cylinder fastback, until i bought it! (but the previous owner replaced the engine with a 302 1978 Granada engine). are these six cyliders rare?
  7. 700 miles until warranty is up!

    I'm about to send my 2011 3.7 ltr Mustang to the last service call under warranty. Does anyone have any advice as to what last minute details should be looked over before I ride into no man's land? BTW, I'm new and this is my first post! Glad to be here!
  8. Help with my 2007 mustang v6

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Okay, I have a 2007 Mustang V6 and it want it to be loud, what is the best kind of exhaust for it????
  9. 1965 six cylinder brakes

    Classic Talk
    Hello, its been awhile since Ive been on here, my 65' has been keeping me heres a couple questions I have if anyone can help. 1. I believe that a previous owner may have installed a different master cyclinder in the car. Reason being, I order parts from and the...
  10. Turndowns on 2005 Mustang V6, alot of vibration - how to fix?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    i recently put dual turndown pipes on my S197. it sounds fantastic, but vibrates ALOT around mid rpm range, and even just going at speeds of over, say, 60. is there a simple fix for this?
  11. New to AFM, 2005 Mustang V6

    Hello all, I'm Blake. Tommarow, I will most likely and HOPEFULLY, be the owner of a 2005 mustang V6 Black on Black. I'm joining the forums tonight in hopes that i can get some information on EVERYTHING about my soon to be car. :) Some stuff about me: I just turned 17, and I love mustangs...
  12. 2011 V6 Mustang Premium Rough Manual Transmission

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello everyone, I have had my 2011 V6 Mustang for a little more than 2 weeks now. Everything has been smooth as silk until 2 days ago. I noticed all of a sudden when I took it out, that I had to put more effort into moving through the gears. It seems more of a problem up-shifting rather than...
  13. 1965 Mustang Convertible 4-Lug Wheel Spare Options?

    Classic Tech
    I'm restoring a '65 Mustang convertible with the 200CI six. This, of course, means the 4-lug, 14-inch wheels. I have 4 wheels, but need a fifth for a spare. I've found the various interchange charts that show which Fords have 4X 4.5 14" rims (few after the early '70's), but had a brainstorm...
  14. Need V6 Rumble!

    V6 Talk
    I'm new to AFM and I have joined for numerous reasons including that I am going to be a future owner of a Mustang. I am rather young and have came here to learn some stuff from the experts before I purchase my car so I can do things right the first time:bigthumbsup. My first and foremost...
  15. 07 V6 Cylinder heads/Cams at Supersixmotorsports

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey a friend of mine recently got a v6 mustang about 3 months after i got mine (haha) but anyway, his doesn't have stock cylinder heads and cam in it, and it's supposed to be pushing 300 hp according to the dyno papers. They also did something to the intake but anyway, I was recommended to...
  16. New Member needs advice on 1968 Mustang

    Classic Talk
    Hi I just trailered home 685 miles a nice complete rust-free 1968 Mustang. It has a motor problem that I have not diagnosed yet. I was told it blew a connecting rod, however there are no signs of that on the block. It is a six banger, automatic and I probably want to replace the motor with a...
  17. 2002 Mustang v6 turbo/supercharger questions

    V6 Tech
    im tired of my car getting bashed because of the lack of two cylinders i really want to make me car worthy of admiration while keeping it MY car i dont want to get a GT haha and i considering getting a supercharger or possibly dual turbo any opinions, and anything anybody can tell me about the...