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  1. Best Exhaust for a V6 05-10 mustang?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I am looking for an upgrade to my 05 mustang because my stock exhaust is just to quiet, (I recently traded my 02 gt in for this 05 V6 and I'm not used to the quietness!) has anyone had this problem? and what is the best in your opinion?
  2. So I'm finally getting dual exhaust tomorrow...

    V6 Talk
    after thinking about it for a while i finally decided it was time. Getting a custom x pipe built and flowmasters 40's for mufflers and its being built by a local muffler shop. Now I'm 600 into this and getting a little nervous about if it worth it. Deep down i know it will but i could just...
  3. 5.0 cobra killed, by a 4.0

    V6 Talk
    last night i ended up beating a seemingly loud and fast 5.0 in my stock 4.0. anybody have similar unbelievable kills?