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  1. Stock 2008 Malibu keeping up with my 95 5.0?!!

    5.0L Talk
    My buddy just got his 2005 chevy malibu and I just got my 95 Mustang GT with Gt 40 headers, aftermarket Intake with throttle body and bbk shorty headers. Also has 4:10 posi gears. AND a High lift thumper cam and he kept up??! I slowley started to leave him but how did I not dust him? Is there...
  2. slow accel, horrible mpg

    4.6L Tech
    Bought my 99 4.6 in may and it had a lot of power. Came with 3.90 gears, catted h pipe into a cat back. Also has CAI. July I bought a bama tune and an o/r x for my car but didn't change the donut gasket between headers and mid pipe bc it didn't come with one. One of the bungs was stripped on the...
  3. Anybody else have gears hurt their ETs?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I went to the drag strip this last weekend with my 3.73s and posi and better tires hoping for 14s, but was extremely disappointed. Last season I ran a best of 15.02 with 15.2s consistently throughout multiple visits with an open dif, 3.31s, and literally the factory tires. I cut almost a...
  4. Are these cars really this slow?!

    V6 Talk
    Performance question... So, since buying my '02 Mustang V6 auto, I've been quite surprised at how slow the car feels. I really and truly have felt that my little '00 Nissan Altima 2.4l 4 cylinder (5 speed) was a faster car. Out of curiosity, I decided to get a rough idea of what this car could...
  5. 94 5.0 struggles after 3000rpm and wont go over 110 PLEASE HELP

    5.0L Tech
    Hey so i have a 1994 mustang gt 5.0 ho. It has 86,000 original miles. The person who had it before me bought it with 79,000 miles in 2000 and i bought it January 2012 with 83,000 so it was sitting for a while. Ever since i bought it something just never seemed right about it but since i was...
  6. making a sleeper?!

    2.3L Tech
    hey all, i just realized that a sleeper for my car would be pretty cool, for a high school student. any ideas on this? im planing it to be in primer and maybe senior year or after paint it. im currently working on the interior and after thats done ill work on the body, but any links to help me...
  7. 1995 mustang 3.8 V6 is Surging and Running Poorly

    V6 Talk
    Ok first problem, 1.Car surges up and jerks at 50 mph 2.Cars acceleration is sluggish when cold out side. accelation is uneven, when accelerating from mostly 1st and 2nd gear it's like power suddenly kicks in then lessens 4. When pressing somewhat hard on the gas car sputters(almost...
  8. 1994 acceleration issue on an automatic.

    5.0L Tech
    I will be back in the states for R&R in a week! I also plan on working on my 1994 conv auto 5.0. Last time I drove it, I found something to be terrably wrong. I would hit the gas from a stop and accelerate very slowly. As the rpms rise they rise quicker and quicker but the car just slowly...
  9. Slow Dropping / Hanging RPM

    V6 Tech
    Hello, I've got a little bit of an annoying problem with my 2000 mustang. I have a 5-speed and between shifts it would either jump UP to 3000 RPM or drop down and stay at 3000 RPM. I recently changed the oil and for some reason it helped it a little. Now it drops most of the time but it drops...
  10. 2001 v6 Mustang lacking power issues

    V6 Tech
    hey i have a 3.8l 2001 v6 convertible mustang, now i know myself that this is a woman car and this will probably get you even more, its automatic. But i cant stand how little of power it has and i need to fix that a little at least for now, until i can buy a gt. But anyway i was hoping u could...
  11. Just bought a 98gt its slow... Easy Hp little cost?

    4.6L Tech
    I just bought a super clean 98gt a two months ago 96000mi... highly disappointed with acceleration.:headscratch: It is auto and I have installed a cai. I got way better response and on cold nights and it actually pulls a bit now. I have counted missispi style and i got 0-60 in 7 seconds. Also...
  12. Slow 0 - 60 on my Mustang GT

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hello guys I bought recently a '06 mustang GT convertible Auto Premium Edition (Stock). It Had been fully serviced and in very good condition. I was expecting 0-60 in around 5.5 seconds.. All I am getting is in 6.5 Seconds :( . Is it normal on stock GT's..??